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Wild ideas dishwash powder is a chemical free organic eco friendly dish wash powder sold in India. It is manufactured by disadvantaged women in Thiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu India.

Wild Ideas Organic Products Reviews

I am specifically reviewing the Wild Ideas Dish wash powder. I purchased the following pack and it came in a recyclable paper carton and recyclable plastic.

I received two packets 500 gms each.

Expiry Date is 1 year from manufactured date. The manufactured date is September 2018.

The package mentioned that the profits would go to the women who made this particular packet. I really liked that concept.


  • Soap Berry
  • Shikakai
  • Citrus
  • Tamarind
  • Neem
  • Bitter Albizia
  • Wood Ash

The ingredients and packaging prove that it is an eco friendly dishwasher powder. This chemical free dish powder has a powdery and faintly grainy texture. It smells a bit like soap nut powder and it did not feel too sticky to the touch. I am assuming the quantity of soap nuts used isn’t a lot. This is because pure soap nut powder is sticky.

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How to use Wild Ideas Dishwash Powder

Wild Ideas Dish wash Powder Review

I like the concept of this powder. It is safe to use even on baby bottles and bowls as per the company.

I tried it and you can watch the video above to see whether it cleans dishes or not. I will be using it for a few more days and will update this blog post.

I have ordered another organic dish wash powder and I will be reviewing that powder next ( haven’t received it yet) I am hoping that I can provide a comparison of both powders soon.

In the above video you will also see my comparison with Reetha or Soap nut liquid.

Wild Ideas also has soap nut but I am assuming the quantity must be less. There is ash in the product and I am guessing this was the reason I got no bubbles or suds.

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