Recommended Cleaning Products

I love experimenting with cleaning products and am excited to share what products are working for me.

Natural Deodorizers

Deodorizers remove smells from the air and purify the air in the room. There are chemical and natural deodorizers. I tired many chemical deodorizers and found that these do not actuallyremove the smell.

They tend to mask the smell and also can be harmful to our health. I removed them from the house as I heard most chemical deodorizers are carcinogenic and are harmful to pets.

Natural charcoal deodorizers especially the bamboo deodorizers are the ones I recommend.

These come in sachets and can be placed in the closets, shoes, bathrooms, near the trash can, refrigerators and bedrooms.

They last upto 2 years and need to be left in the sun once a month for recharging.

Floor Mop

Scotch Brite Flat Mop versus Naivette Flat Mop

I had first purchased the Scotch Brite Flat mop on September 2017 ( 2 years ago ) and then gifted one to my mother in December for Christmas. I love the mop, it is very effective as a cleaner, picks up cat fur, dirt, dust and I use it to clean walls and mop floors.

I had to take mine to our hoilday home, so I decided to try the Naivette Flat mop. Initially I did like that mop as you can read in my review.

But yesterday I noticed that the screws in the flat mop head have started rusting. This is so bad and I might have to discontinue using the mop soon.

Totally disappointed since its been only a few months since I purchased it. I am back to using the Scothc Brite mop and I recommend it.

Organic Biotech- Natural Septic Tank Cleaner and Odour Eliminator

I purchased Biotech in October 2018. I have been using it once a month a little in the kitchen sink, and toilet bowls.

I purchased 200 gms and I mix a little in cold water and add it to the drains. The liquid formed smells very earthy and works to remove odour and unclogs the drains.

Add it to you monthly cleaning checklist and add it to all drains. I live in an apartment complex on the 15th floor. We used to get smells in the drain, after I added the bacteria, odours vanished and I have had no other issues.

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