Krya Natural Detergent Powder Review

The detergents we use on a day to day basis are full of chemicals. These chemicals are very harmful for our skin, our health, can even cause defects over prolonged use and exposure.

How do I know?

I have been suffering from skin issues, dry skin, skin irritation, excema..

I never knew it could be the detergent I was using..

I stopped using soaps, I switched from pril to natural herbal dish washing powder.

I stopped applying makeup.

I stopped using shampoo…

My allergies reduced but did not disappear.

I knew there was something else to be handled and I found the reason. It was the clothes detergent. I stopped using clothes detergent and then skin started getting better.

I am using soapnuts to wash my clothes. From the last one week I have switched to Krya detergent powder. I want to test this powder and see how many days it will last, does it clean and does it help my skin?

You know what a couple of years back I would never have considered a herbal detergent. They were something I termed luxury items.

Organic Laundry detergents are not a luxury item but are a necessity today. Commercial detergents have harmful ingredients like surfuctants, chlorine, water softeners, processing aids, perfumes, phosphates which can be very harmful.

You can read more about it this article titled : Organic Washing Powder

Krya Natural Detergent powder is biodegradable,  organic, chemical free, antifungal detergent in india . This clothes washing powder is a good eco friendly cleaning product in india.

Krya Detergent review

Krya natural detergent powder review

I am so excited to be sharing this product with you… I am still in week one of testing it. Stop by in one month to read the update.


  • Soapnuts
  • Herbs
  • Citriodora essential oil

krya detergent ingredientsSoapnuts are also known as Reetha, Kunkudukai (Telugu), Boondi Kottai (Tamil) and Pasakkottamaram (Malayalam) is a wonder fruit.

It has saponins which are the soap.

Herbs – they did not mention which herbs are present so I am assuming they have a cleansing or disinfectant purpose


What did I receive?

It comes packaged in a brown cardboard packaging. I received two 100 gms packets of the detergent powder.  Along with the packets, there was a small cotton pouch. This cotton pouch has to be used for washing clothes.

I have misplaced the pouch I received, so I am using an alternate method of using the product which I will share later.

The cotton pouch is small and comes with cloth strings. I loved how cute it looked but once its wet, it is a little tricky to open it.

detergent powder plus cotton pouch

How does the Krya Detergent Powder Look?

Watch video below to see how it looks, how to use it and watch me test it on 3 loads of laundry.

Krya Detergent Review

Krya detergent is a herbal cloth washing powder, like totally full of herbs. The main ingredient I believe is soapnuts or reetha. This is a 100 percent eco friendly washing powder India which is biodegradable and safe for use.

How to use the powder

You have to take 1 tablespoon of powder. Fill the cotton pouch with the powder and drop it into the wash. On the packaging it is mentioned that you should not use it with whites and light colored clothes.

Don’t put the powder directly in the washing machine. You see I misplaced my cloth pouch so I just added it directly in washing machine.

The powder stuck to the clothes.

No major disaster happened, the powder fell off when dry but it is a hastle.

So for the next wash I just added a tablespoon to a sock and added the sock to the wahing machine.

It did the job.

How clean are the clothes?

I was not expecting the clothes to be cleaned. Surprisingly the clothes looked clean. While I have no way of testing whether they are really clean, but I can see that the clothes dont look dirty.

They look washed and fresh.

The powder has a strong fragrance which has now evaporated and I cannot get a strong smell as before. Just a faint smell remains. The clothes do not smell after washing. They look newer, the colours look brighter and fabric seems to be softer.

I will update this post when I finish the 100 gms packet and provide you another update right here.


Bubblenut Wash Review Natural Organic Dishwasher Powder

Bubblenut Wash is a Natural Organic Dishwasher Powder. It has only 2 ingredients and is eco-friendly, biodegradable dish wash powder.

This powder has absolutely no chemicals and is safe on hands.

In this review I want to test the product on different types of household dishes with varying levels of grease, oil and stuck on food.

The product I received is a dark brown powder and smells of Soap nuts or Reetha.

At first look and smell I assumed it would foam because it smelled so heavily of soap nuts.

The packaging mentions that it can be used safely to clean baby feeding bottles.

It also mentions it will have low suds or will not foam, hence should require less water to rinse off.


  • Soapnut or Reetha
  • Citrus powder

No chemicals, no strange smells, no damage to health I guess.

Product Claims

  • Free From
    • SLS
    • SLES
    • Sulphates
    • Phosphates
  • Safe
  • No chemical residues on dishes
  • Gentle on human skin, hypoallergenic and pH 5.5
  • No chapped hands
  • Works on oily vessels
  • Low foam formation
  • Uses less water
  • Environment friendly
  • Fully bio degradable

How to use BubbleNut Wash Powder

Mix a spoonful of powder with 100 ml of water. Use this liquid to wash the dishes. I have a product review video below just in case you would like to see whats inside the packet. The colour of the powder and I also have a demo showing how to use the powder.

Recently I had reviewed another organic dishwash powder you might want to take a look at that as well.


BubbleNut Wash Powder Review

So as you have seen I have done a test of the product. Yes it does smell and feel totally organic. It was gentle on my hands and did clean the dishes.

What I did not like is that there are absolutely no suds and for someone who has equated bubbles with clean, this totally hurts …

I finally understood that it doesn’t matter if it suds, it cleans so on a scale of 1 to 5 it is at 3.5

Check out what I rated the other Organic Dish Wash Powder

Would I buy it again?

I need to use it for a few more days to comment on that but I am leaning towards yes. Check back in a month or two for my update here.


You can test the product yourself here – Bubblenut Dish Powder

Wild Ideas Dishwash Powder Review | Wild Ideas Organic Products Reviews

Wild ideas dishwash powder is a chemical free organic eco friendly dish wash powder sold in India. It is manufactured by disadvantaged women in Thiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu India.

Wild Ideas Organic Products Reviews

I am specifically reviewing the Wild Ideas Dish wash powder. I purchased the following pack and it came in a recyclable paper carton and recyclable plastic.

I received two packets 500 gms each.

Expiry Date is 1 year from manufactured date. The manufactured date is September 2018.

The package mentioned that the profits would go to the women who made this particular packet. I really liked that concept.


  • Soap Berry
  • Shikakai
  • Citrus
  • Tamarind
  • Neem
  • Bitter Albizia
  • Wood Ash

The ingredients and packaging prove that it is an eco friendly dishwasher powder. This chemical free dish powder has a powdery and faintly grainy texture. It smells a bit like soap nut powder and it did not feel too sticky to the touch. I am assuming the quantity of soap nuts used isn’t a lot. This is because pure soap nut powder is sticky.

Click to view the Product

How to use Wild Ideas Dishwash Powder

Wild Ideas Dish wash Powder Review

I like the concept of this powder. It is safe to use even on baby bottles and bowls as per the company.

I tried it and you can watch the video above to see whether it cleans dishes or not. I will be using it for a few more days and will update this blog post.

I have ordered another organic dish wash powder and I will be reviewing that powder next ( haven’t received it yet) I am hoping that I can provide a comparison of both powders soon.

In the above video you will also see my comparison with Reetha or Soap nut liquid.

Wild Ideas also has soap nut but I am assuming the quantity must be less. There is ash in the product and I am guessing this was the reason I got no bubbles or suds.

Organic Washing Powder India

I was happy with my washing detergents  till I learnt about organic washing powders .

Now I am so shocked with what I found that I need to let you guys know what I found.

See my research is not something you should blindly go by.

After reading this post please do your own research … and if something doesn’t add up or you find truth in what I have found, come back and leave me a yay or a nayy.

That comes to the first question I had in mind …

What is organic washing powder ?

Organic washing powders are made from natural products which have been grown organically. That is the produce has been grown on land which  has not been treated with pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides .

Why you should use organic washing powder?

Popular brands we use to wash our clothes are full of chemicals. Let us take a quick look at what are usually found in popular detergent powders brands in India.

I just took the ingredient list from a brand I use and this is what is there in it.

 Shocker … your detergent also has this stuff 


These reduce surface tension and help water penetrate through to the clothes. These pollute the environment and are a health hazard.


Chlorine can be found in some detergents. Some detergent companies will call them by other names such as “sodium hypochlorite” or “hypochlorite”.

However they are called these are harmful.

Water Softeners

Sodium carbonate

What do they mean slightly toxic, did you know this is super harmful for kids?

Sodium carbonate is only slightly toxic, but large doses may be corrosive to the gastro-intestinal tract where symptoms may include severe abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, collapse and death. Skin Contact: Excessive contact may cause irritation with blistering and redness.


Sodium aluminoslicate

I dont understand why they use non toxic and skin hazard in the same sentence. This is bad news and can be harmful if you are sensitive.

Sodium silicates are non-flammable, non-explosive, and non-toxic. They are, however, alkaline materials and pose hazards to the skin and eyes. The physiological effects of contact vary with the alkalinity of the silicate involved, and range from causing irritation to causing chemical burns.

Processing aids

Sodium sulfate

Last month I had such a severe eye itching case. I stopped using soaps and used less detergent. I did not know that detergent could cause it but I was suspicious.

Sodium sulfate – Hazardous in case of eye contact (irritant). Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant), of ingestion, of inhalation.



These are known to cause skin allergies. I know it is bad bcos I love fresh smelling clothes. I would literally pick up a detergent if it smelled great. Little did I know it was so harmful.


As per these two reports detergents used to have phosphates but now they have been banned.

But they have not been banned from dishwasher detergents. Why have they not taken it out. This will go directly into our stomach. That is so harmful.

How does this industry work?

Why are they playing with us like this? I always wonder if they know the ingredients are so harmful how can they sleep at night selling them to us.

I know ethics versus feeding family..

Seventeen states banned phosphates from dishwasher detergents because the chemical compounds also pollute lakes, bays and streams. They create algae blooms and starve fish of oxygen.


Modern laundry detergents no longer contain phosphates due to a ban passed in 1993. The law, however, did not apply to dishwasher detergents, many of which still contain phosphates; some states are moving to ban (or at least limit) phosphates in such detergents.


Best natural laundry detergent reviews

Here are some laundry detergents which I found to be organic and thought you might be interested in checking them out.

Laundry Detergents come in Powder and Liquid form as well as a soap bar.

Powder versus Liquid Detergent

I would recommend using powder versus liquid. This is because the moment we make it a liquid, we need to make it last ( not spoil).

So then we need to introduce a preservative, now preservative how much ever they are safe, I feel they will harm us in some way as well as the environment.

Wild Ideas Laundry Powder

This is ecofriendly, handmade and biodegradable. It is made from 100% organic soap berries ( certified) and also contains lemon in it.

It is good for gently cleansing, leaves no residue and removes tough stains.

How to use

Just put one tablespoon in a cloth bag or pouch and keep it securely in the soap dispenser. Try not to add it directly to the washing machine drum. The clothes should come out looking fresh and clean.

Try Wild Ideas washing powder and do come back and leave a review here on what you think about it.

 Liquid Detegents

Sometimes it might not be practical to use a powder form for washing clothes. Also biodegradable organic detergents usually work better in warm water.

In some detergents warm water is required to release saponin. My washing machine has no hot water connection. For me a liquid works better, though yes I am still worried about the preservatives.

BubbleNut Wash Soapnut Laundry Liquid

This detergent comes in liquid form which can be added to the washing machine or you can use it to handwash the clothes.
You dont need to add too much of this liquid, just a little. If you feel the clothes are not clean as you think they should be, just add more in next round.

Try Bubblenut Wash Soapnut Laundry Liquid and come back and let me know how it works for you.


Krya Natural Detergent Powder

Krya detergent powder is made up of herbs and essential oils. The main ingredient is soap nuts or reetha. It is in powdered form. I had tested the scented version and your can read my Krya detergent review and watch the video where I test it.

What I like is that it is totally herbal, anti fungal detergent. Not only that this detergent is ecofriendly and bio degradabale.

How to use

Add 1 tablespoon of powder in the small cotton bag they have provided. Add it to the washing machine and let the cycle finish. Dry the cotton bag ( empty any herb bits if you want – I haven’t emptied it ).

Try Krya detergent powder and share your experience.

Best organic washing powder

For me best is totally natural.

Eco friendly Organic Natural Detergent – Laundry Soap

I love the concept of having a detergent or a liquid soap but nothing beats the original. These are soap nuts, or soap berries also called reetha, kunkudukaya.

They are native to India, Nepal and Indonesia and this is what was always there at our home till the detergent trend took over. Now we are in the reverse process of finding back our roots so to speak..

Anyways these soap berries are all natural and organic. You can find non organic berries for much less but organic berries are certified, they have the guarantee that they are pesticide and pollutant free ( hence the cost).

If you think these are costly, you can use them only to wash kids clothes.

Another advantage of using these soap berries is that they are pet friendly too. Once the berries lose their strength just use them as compost.

You can reuse the berries to make a house hold all purpose spray.

Try soap berries and let me know your experience.

Biodegradable Detergents in India

  • Biodegradable means the product or substance can be decomposed by bacteria.

This is safe for the environment and for us.

To be biodegradable the product should have enough moisture and soil so that bacteria can work their wonder and make it safe for us.

Too much water is toxic, smelly and obnoxious gases get released to the atmosphere.

Too little water and the product does not decompose for thousands of years ( you must have heard of the egyptian mummy I guess).

Why am I telling you this?

Just wanted to state a disclaimer that if we think something is biodegradable does not mean it does decompose.

My grandmother would scrub us down like they would to cattle using reetha.

I hated it.

I thought it was so uncool.

Today she is no more and I am so kicking myself for not having learnt her secrets sooner.

Reetha is so beneficial and my Top recommendation.


Best Top Biodegradable Detergents in India

BSD Organics Eco Me Reetha Areetha Kunkudukaialu Soap Nuts with Pouch

5 things used to keep your house clean

The secret to keeping your house clean is having a routine, decluttering or minimizing and having the right tools required to clean quickly right on hand.

Not all are born cleaners and we have to struggle to make things work. The last thing on our mind to have a routine for cleaning.

 I struggled to keep my house clean and still do.. 

Having routines in place has helped me get things cleaned on time.

Apart from routines the most important thing is having the right tools. I always have the perfect excuse to NOT clean. The kids, the cat, the office work, and once I quit work –  the life of being a SAHM. 

Since I have identified my best 5 tools for cleaning, cleaning has become much easier and even fun.

I keep cleaning essentials where I need them right at hand. I am not going to go get a cleaner or rag to clean the bathroom … even if it is messy … yes I told you I am lazy.

Cleaning will just be pushed ahead.

So the trick is I keep cleaning supplies in each bathroom. So when I am in the bathroom I always have all what I need on hand.

Product 1

The mop – I use the cleaning pocha and my microfibre mop daily. Initially when I thought about investing in the microfibre mop, I was worried about the cost.

After having used it for a year, it has paid for itself many times.

I cant live without my mop … literally.

It picks up cat fur, human hair, dirt, fine dust and locks it in. I just need to rinse it under tap water, and its clean and ready to use again.

Yes it looks a bit tainted now but I am so happy with it.

I use it to clean my walls, fan and the floor. I also use it to clean the tops of cupboards.

Product 2

Microfibre Cloths
Microfibre cloths are a wonder made in heaven for cleaners.

They are soft, do not scratch surface, trap in dirt and germs and are easy to clean.

I use these everywhere and literally cannot live without them at all.

They are perfect for the mirrors, the refrigerator, wiping down appliances, switchboards.

I use them to clean my car, the fan and even the floors.

Product 3

Dishwashing Liquid
These are perfect to clean almost anything and are multipurpose.

Use as an all purpose cleaner. Mix in a few drops of dishwashing liquid, a cup of vinegar with water. Fill it into a spray bottle and use it to clean and disinfect all surfaces.
This cannot be used on granite but you can use it in all rooms. I use it in the bathroom, cleans the mirrors, disinfects the sink, can be used as a toilet cleaner.

This mixture is very good for floor tiles, kitchen and bathroom tiles. I use dishwashing liquid to clean tiles, the mosquito mesh and truly have multiple uses for it.

Product 4

Vinegar stinks but the smell evaporates very quickly. It it the best natural cleaner. The acidic properties of vinegar kill germs and bacteria.
They are safe around children and pets, not side effects.
I would have loved to use vinegar more but found that in India vinegar is pretty expensive if you want to use it on a large scale.

This multipurpose cleaner can be used to clean the fridge, stove, your dishwasher, the washing machine.

Add a cup of vinegar to your load of laundry for sparkly clothes. Leave a cup of vinegar in your dishwasher to clean it inside out

Mix it with warm water and vinegar and it is perfect for bathroom tiles. It will remove the stains, help clean grout and kill and molds in the bathroom..

Product 5

Harpic is a strong chemical and hence I use it very rarely. Once a month I use it to deep clean bathroom floors, the balcony tiles and it works like a charm.

You can use harpic on molds and grout which is looking stained and it cleans it very quickly.

The best way to use harpic is to leave it on for 10 to 15 mins and give a gentle scrub.

When yo get started with bathroom cleaning first leave some harpic on the commode or indian toilet. If your tiles are looking nasty apply a little harpic on the grout or the lines in between the tiles. Use a brush and spread the liquid around.

Always test the harpic on a small portion. Since it is very strong we don’t want the shine of your bathroom floors going.

It is actually very quick to act and can be strong on tiles. I try to not wait too long and scrub and ash off the harpic as soon as I am done wiping down the bathroom counter, mirrors and switchboard.

Car Washing Machine for Home Use

Owning a car is like having a baby, you need to do some work to maintain it and keep it looking healthy.. Ahem … looking presentable.

One of the most dreaded tasks is cleaning out the car. Car washing can be done at home or as most professionals with no time are doing , they take it to a car wash.

You can also use the age old tradition in India,  have a servant or watchman wash the car. 

Car washing machines are used much often nowadays as more and more people have started understanding the pros of using car washing machines for home use.

Saving money, a stress buster, reducing damage to the car in the form of scratches, stripping away of wax, loss of shine are some of the drawbacks of taking the car to a car wash.

Older cars have a single layer of paint while newer layers have two layers. Scratching the top layer usually means that you would have to repaint the damaged area unlike older cars where spot painting was much simpler.

 Dont spoil the car by being lazy.. 

Are car wash machines bad ?

I am guilty of taking my car to the car wash, as I just don’t have time to wash it thoroughly. While this is the easy way out,  it can harm your car .
I always wondered after the car wash my car wasn’t looking shiny like in the advertisements they have in the car wash workshop.

It looked dull and lifeless, just has no dirt on it, but it doesn’t shine and gleam.

Do you feel that as well?

Well here is why.

Car wash places use a lot of water pressure if it is user pressure washing, this can chip off your paint. Then they might use brushes, which however gentle they claim them to be, will scratch the car.

Next either they are machine dryed or worse hand dried by some men who use the same cloth on all cars. They keep dropping the cloth on the car and then wiping the car with the same cloth.

 They are putting the dirt right back on you car  and scratching its paint… yet again…sigh.

Well the building watchman and the servant does the same and then we wonder why our car looks like its been through war and dull and lifeless.

Does car wash machine damage paint ?

Yes it can. Lets say your car has paint chipping off or some edge exposed. Don’t ask how that happened to mine…

Pressurised water will just create a force and get under that exposed paint and the paint will just chip right off.

How to Car wash at home the Right way

Have a schedule

 I hated routines , I bet most people do. But trust me, you need a day allocated to washing the car.

You also need a day allocated to decluttering your car.

 Are you still reading? 

I know it can be tough. You have work, office, parties, studies, games – where is the time for the car?

Well the secret is you must make the time.

Dedicate a day ( for me its Friday) for car cleanup and maybe a date after that ( for that motivation ).

So every Friday we clean the car.

Some Fridays are for just maintenance.

Declutter the car.

Have two bags handy. One is trash and one for a new home. If you have time, a third bag for donations or recycling.

Toss out all forgotten food, dried up coffee cartons, into the trash bag. Bills, used napkins, empty tissue boxes, empty car deodorant cans, toss all these out as well.

Look under the car seats, you will be surprised at what you might find. We have two kids and let me tell you we have found crayons, toys, books, one slipper, hair clips under the car seats. Toss all items to keep in the new home bag.

We need to put these away.

Take a damp microfiber cloth and do a quick wipe inside. I start with the dashboards, the steering wheel, the gear… just wipe every surface you can.

If you are the extra cautious kind, use disinfectant wipes, they sanitize as well. Don’t use car wax cleaners or any waxy cleaner on the steering wheel, the gear, brakes. You need a good grip while driving.

Use a handheld portable vacuum to vacuum the car seats, floor, the storage area.

Use a dry wipe spray to wipe off the outside of the car if you have no time. This is a waterless technique to maintain your car.
Refill tissues, deodorizer and you are done. Try not to take more than 15 to 20 minutes. Use a timer if you must.

One Friday a month ( maybe the last Friday) you can perform a thorough wash at home, unless if you are super crazy and can do that every Friday, go for it.

Car Washing machine for home use

You could use a car washing machine or use a hose or just a bucket or two of water. Choice is yours.

Get the dirt off

Wash the top dirt off first – The last thing we want to do is drag the dust, dirt all over he car and damage our car exterior with scratches.

So just take a mug of water and pour all over the car, to get loose dirt off. You can also use a hose to hose it down or if you can use a car washing machine it the best option.

The power jet car cleaners throw out a strong jet of water. This dislodges the dirt and makes cleaning a breeze.
Steam cleaners use steam to clean the car, this saves up on water. It kills germs and sanitizes as it cleans.

 Always go from top to bottom. 

So spray or hose down from the roof of the car to the bottom.

You can tackle the rim of the car wheels first as they have dirt and we don’t want to spray dirt back onto a neatly rinsed car.

 Whichever way you go, just get all that dirt off. 

Don’t forget the wheels, under the car in the undercarriage. The holes here can be clogged with dirt and we want them opened. If the underbody draining holes aren’t cleaned this can trap in moisture.

Moisture can rust the under body, it can cause mold to form in the air conditioning. We do not want that to happen.

Use Car soap to clean off dirt and grim

We have gotten the dirt off the loose mud, dust, small stones, twigs, bird poop. We now will lather up the car wither with a spray lather or use a microfiber cloth dipped in soapy water.

Never use dish soap, shampoo, surf as a car soap. Just  use a PH balanced car soap  which are designed specifically to clean without causing damage.

 Use two buckets of water. 

One for rinsing, fill it with clean water. Second bucket fill with soapy water.

Once you have used the cloth on the car first rinse of in the first bucket, then dip in the second bucket containing soapy water. Try not to use one bucket, as you will simply transfer dirt and grime back onto the car, each time you dip in soapy water.

Apply soapy water using microfibre cloth in one direction only. I use top to down method. Don’t use circular motions.
Be gentle on the application. Use microfiber cloth only. This traps dirt and won’t scratch your car.


Use your hose, jet spray or simply a bucket of water to rinse of the soap suds.
We have to get all the soap off else it will leave streaks and soap scum behind.
If using a jet car washing machine test the force of the water on your hand. If it hurts your hand, it is going to hurt you car.


Dry off thoroughly with a thick dry microfibre cloth. Don’t use old towels, old tshirts.

These will scratch your car.

 Dry in one direction only. 

Drying off using circular motions will cause scratches in all directions ( if we scratch it by mistake) and these are hard to get rid off.

Wax if you must

Waxing is not a must but if you could put on a layer of wax and buff it in.

 Ensure that you buff well. 

Once the wax starts drying out, you will notice areas you missed buffing as they will dry out white ( usually). Buff these areas and don’t forget to use a small brush to get excess wax off from rims, edges, around the logos.

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What are your thoughts on home cleaning? Do you agree with my thoughts?

How to Clean a Toilet without Touching it

If you are afraid of cleaning the toilet You Are Not Alone. There are many who hate touching the toilet bowl. Here are a few ways in which you can clean a toilet without touching it.
The very first method is to use these toilet flush Cleaner. These are added into the flush and each time you use the flush it automatically cleans the toilet bowl.

This prevents the toilet from accumulating any scale, dirt, germs and keep it looking fresh and clean automatically.


  • They contain chemicals
  • Some contain bleach which can affect your toilet

Another product in the market is the one which has a hook and hangs onto the rim of the toilet bowl.

Each time you flush it releases the product into the water which cleans the toilet bowl and keeps it fresh. it kills any germs or bacteria removes scales.


  • Still have to touch it to remove and throw it once it’s used

There is this new product available now which is a gel it comes in a syringe. So you squeeze out a bit of gel which sticks to the inner toilet bowl.

It cleans your toilet bowl keeps it fresh and you don’t have to touch any part of the toilet. It’s totally hands-free and something I really like and recommend.
The gel-like consistency makes it easy to stick to the toilet bowl and you don’t have to worry that it slips and falls into the toilet.

One more option which we like is pouring an entire bottle of Coca-Cola. Do this at night, let it sit in the toilet bowl overnight. In the morning you simply have to flush it and everything will be clean and all the stains will disappear.
Your toilet bowl will be shining and sparkling. This might also make you wonder what happens if you consume Coca-Cola.
It did make me wonder and so I stopped consuming it. It’s good for the toilet though.

Skip reading watch video

  • Important thing is that please leave it for couple of hours the more the better its going to do its work.
  • Another important thing is make sure that the water in the toilet bowl is minimum. Thus Coca-Cola doesn’t become diluted.

One more DIY option is using vinegar. remember only plain distilled white vinegar works.

I did the mistake of using apple cider vinegar and it doesn’t work.

You need at least 5% white vinegar. for this into the toilet bowl leave it preferably for a couple of hours.

[amazon_link asins=’B001QD5XHK’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’indiancleaning-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’eb86b553-8cea-11e8-91e6-4fea99251a8a’] Let it do its thing come back and flush it.

The third diy method which we have used is by making toilet bombs. These are very simple to make. They are also very cheap. You drop one of these into the toilet and then let it do its work.

You really don’t need to even flush the toilet because all the ingredients are natural and have no chemicals.
This is also very effective, looks very nice and you can make a bunch of these in advance and keep them in a glass container in your bathroom. Since it’s so cheap and it’s so easy to make you can use it as often as you want.
The recipe shown in the video has no chemicals and also works as a deodorizer. It’s a three in one toilet bomb, it cleans, its disinfects and it deodorizers.
This is one method which I really really like. I have been using this for a couple of years and it works each and every time.
This method is simple cheap effective and forgiving. So why is it forgiving. Well because I always forget to buy the raw materials for the diy toilet bombs.

But help is on the way.

I simply take one pump of dishwashing liquid, one cup of vinegar, 2 to 3 cups of water. I bring this to a boil.
Now I use this liquid and spray it all over the toilet. let it sit for at least 1 hour. Ideally should work in 15 minutes but I let it be there for 1 hour. There have been days that if I have forgotten it totally.
But it is for giving as I said before. Nothing happened, it’s non-toxic you can leave it as long as you like. After 15 minutes or so you can flush it.

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how to clean a toilet without touching it
There you have it my 7 ways How to Clean a Toilet without Touching it.
What are yours?

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