how to motivate yourself to clean your house

How to Motivate yourself to clean your house

Just 5 Seconds to motivate yourself πŸ‘‰

Flylady Book mentioned –

My indian weekly cleaning routine uses the flylady weekly routine or home blessing hour as mentioned in the flylady cleaning system.

Clean with me indian routine 2017

Once a week we do 7 weekly routines to bless our homes

1. dust

2. wipe mirrors.

3. mop

4. vacuum

5. change bedsheets

6. empty trash

7. paper this is done in 10 min installments.

First do the morning routine before you do this morning routine

1. brush teeth, bath

2. dressed to shoes

3. breakfast

4. laundry

5. make bed

The mop I use and love –

My early morning routine πŸ‘‰

Flylady videos:…

Monday cleaning Zone 2 Flylady

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