Krya Sookshma Natural Floor Cleaner / Organic Herbal Floor Cleaning Products

Krya Sookshma Natural Floor Cleaner is an Organic cleaning powder made from herbs. There are 23 Ayurvedic Rakshoghna (antibacterial) and Krimighna (insect repelling) herbs. It also has plant resins such as Shirisha, Khadira.


Sapindus Mukorossi, Sapindus Trifoliatus, Acacia Concinna, Hingot, Neem Leaf, Kalmegh Leaf, Lemon, Orange Peel, Occimum Sanctum, Triphala, Deodhar Bark, Babool Bark, Clearing Nut, Gum Benzoin, Gum Batu, Gum Damar, Acorus Calamus, Vitex Negundo, Eucalyptus Leaf, Citriodora Leaf, Edible Camphor, Lemongrass Leaf & Salt.

How to use

1. Take 1 teaspoon of the powder

2. Add it in the cotton pouch provided

3. Soak this in your mopping bucket for 10 minutes

4. Squeeze out all the brown coloured liquid and use it clean the floors

The powder can be used for compost.

Who can use this?

Since there are only herbs being used you can safely use it in houses where there are babies. If you are suffering from skin rashes, allergies like asthma and wheezing, you will find relief with this.

Pack Size: 200 gm pack.

My thoughts

Krya Sookshma Natural Floor Cleaner

I have used it a couple of times so far. I love the smell. It is actually fragrance-free but I guess the fragrance is from the herbs. It could also be the smell of the resins, it just feels like you are in the forest.

You can watch me use it in the video.


I have a cat and I cannot use it as often as I want in my house. It contains Edible camphor which is unsafe for pets. Karpoor or camphor is said to repel insects so it is perfect for wiping floors.

The ingredients are compostable and biodegradable. If you are into green cleaning and helping the environment you should test this product out. They have included a bio-surfactant and citrus which is essential if you want the dirt to be pulled off the floors. What I noticed is that the stains come off easy and you generally get that clean feel.

They claim this product can be used on all floors. Mine is having vitrified tiles and I have not experienced any floor damage.

You check it out on Amazon .

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