House Cleaning Pocha

House Cleaning Pocha is no longer just a pocha, now you can even get gadgets which are modern house cleaning pocha and some people like these a lot.

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There are so many pochas available now. I use the cloth and have been using it for years. I did try the other pochas and have liked them as well.

Why I use the Cloth Pocha?

Spills are much easier to clean up. Sometimes after I use the other pochas I use the cloth pocha to dry out any water droplets remaining.

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This ensures that the floor is non slippery and also dries faster.

A wet or damp floor attracts dust faster so we want it dried off properly and also a cloth pocha gives the tiles a shine.

I prefer cotton pochas because they absorb water quickly and do a much better job of cleaning.

Nowadays you can get rotating spin head mops which takes the concept of pocha to another level.

I have seen the gala mop and somehow I get back to my pocha always.

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Another option is the scotch brite which I love and use daily. It makes cleaning the entire house and walls very easy. for the kitchen floor I double up with the pocha so that I get extra shine and no water drops left on the floor.

This is because I also use my squeezee and wash the kitchen floor almost everyday.

How to use a Pocha for house cleaning

The best way to use a house cleaning pocha is to have a bucket handy. I add some lemon essential oils to the water and use it to clean the floor.

If there are ants then I use a few drops of kerosene in the water. This prevents ants from entering the house. We tend to have seasonal visits from ants and using kerosene oil works well for me. I have also used lysol and domex a lot before but since I have been reading up on safe cleaning products I haven’t been using them lately.

I rinse the cloth in the bucket of water and mop the floor. I then rinse it again in the water before I wipe again. I change the water often so that the floors are neat and tidy.

Which house cleaning Pocha do you prefer? The traditional or the modern day version?

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