Bubblenut Wash Review Natural Organic Dishwasher Powder

Bubblenut Wash is a Natural Organic Dishwasher Powder. It has only 2 ingredients and is eco-friendly, biodegradable dish wash powder.

This powder has absolutely no chemicals and is safe on hands.

In this review I want to test the product on different types of household dishes with varying levels of grease, oil and stuck on food.

The product I received is a dark brown powder and smells of Soap nuts or Reetha.

At first look and smell I assumed it would foam because it smelled so heavily of soap nuts.

The packaging mentions that it can be used safely to clean baby feeding bottles.

It also mentions it will have low suds or will not foam, hence should require less water to rinse off.


  • Soapnut or Reetha
  • Citrus powder

No chemicals, no strange smells, no damage to health I guess.

Product Claims

  • Free From
    • SLS
    • SLES
    • Sulphates
    • Phosphates
  • Safe
  • No chemical residues on dishes
  • Gentle on human skin, hypoallergenic and pH 5.5
  • No chapped hands
  • Works on oily vessels
  • Low foam formation
  • Uses less water
  • Environment friendly
  • Fully bio degradable

How to use BubbleNut Wash Powder

Mix a spoonful of powder with 100 ml of water. Use this liquid to wash the dishes. I have a product review video below just in case you would like to see whats inside the packet. The colour of the powder and I also have a demo showing how to use the powder.

Recently I had reviewed another organic dishwash powder you might want to take a look at that as well.


BubbleNut Wash Powder Review

So as you have seen I have done a test of the product. Yes it does smell and feel totally organic. It was gentle on my hands and did clean the dishes.

What I did not like is that there are absolutely no suds and for someone who has equated bubbles with clean, this totally hurts …

I finally understood that it doesn’t matter if it suds, it cleans so on a scale of 1 to 5 it is at 3.5

Check out what I rated the other Organic Dish Wash Powder

Would I buy it again?

I need to use it for a few more days to comment on that but I am leaning towards yes. Check back in a month or two for my update here.


You can test the product yourself here – Bubblenut Dish Powder

Wild Ideas Dishwash Powder Review | Wild Ideas Organic Products Reviews

Wild ideas dishwash powder is a chemical free organic eco friendly dish wash powder sold in India. It is manufactured by disadvantaged women in Thiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu India.

Wild Ideas Organic Products Reviews

I am specifically reviewing the Wild Ideas Dish wash powder. I purchased the following pack and it came in a recyclable paper carton and recyclable plastic.

I received two packets 500 gms each.

Expiry Date is 1 year from manufactured date. The manufactured date is September 2018.

The package mentioned that the profits would go to the women who made this particular packet. I really liked that concept.


  • Soap Berry
  • Shikakai
  • Citrus
  • Tamarind
  • Neem
  • Bitter Albizia
  • Wood Ash

The ingredients and packaging prove that it is an eco friendly dishwasher powder. This chemical free dish powder has a powdery and faintly grainy texture. It smells a bit like soap nut powder and it did not feel too sticky to the touch. I am assuming the quantity of soap nuts used isn’t a lot. This is because pure soap nut powder is sticky.

Click to view the Product

How to use Wild Ideas Dishwash Powder

Wild Ideas Dish wash Powder Review

I like the concept of this powder. It is safe to use even on baby bottles and bowls as per the company.

I tried it and you can watch the video above to see whether it cleans dishes or not. I will be using it for a few more days and will update this blog post.

I have ordered another organic dish wash powder and I will be reviewing that powder next ( haven’t received it yet) I am hoping that I can provide a comparison of both powders soon.

In the above video you will also see my comparison with Reetha or Soap nut liquid.

Wild Ideas also has soap nut but I am assuming the quantity must be less. There is ash in the product and I am guessing this was the reason I got no bubbles or suds.

How to Clean Matte Laminate Cupboards

Our rental house cupboards looked like they were wooden but they were actually matte laminate cupboards ( I learnt later). They look good and have a nice shine but now that I have not cleaned them in a while am struggling with how to clean matte laminate cupboards. I researched high and low, asked in the local shops as well, the best way to clean them without causing any damage.

Here is how to clean matte laminate cupboards wipe clean with warm water plus vinegar mixture and dry clean. This was the most common answer I found. Let’s read on if it worked for me?

How do I clean sticky kitchen cabinets

Indian kitchens can be very Messy this is because we use a lot of oil in cooking we also use a lot of spices so you must be aware that how sticky the kitchen cabinets can get.

The thing is that I fell of the kitchen cleaning schedule which I will talk about that a bit later but it’s very important to have a schedule to clean your kitchen and any part of the house for that matter.

I used to be very good at it but then I stopped working on that and that has caused a lot of stickiness and grease to accumulate on the kitchen cabinets.

So I started using the following ways to use my sticky kitchen cabinets and this is how I did it please be cautious when you use these techniques.  I would recommend checking out any of the techniques I am mentioning here on a part of the kitchen cabinet which you are sure that you know something happens nobody is going to not to see because after all we don’t want them looking bad or spoiling do we?

So let’s get started on some of the techniques that I have personally used and which are working for my kitchen.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets with vinegar

Cleaning kitchen cabinets with vinegar is something I have heard many of the youtubers and many websites online spoke about this and I decided to give this a try and believe me it works.

But there is a way to use vinegar. I learnt that using vinegar straight up actually damages the cupboard. So whenever your using vinegar make sure you dilute it. I use one third part vinegar and two thirds part of plain distilled water. I use this mixture to dampen the cupboards and then immediately wipe off with a clean dry rag.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets with Baking Soda

I also clean kitchen cabinets with baking soda. I find that cleaning cabinets with baking soda helps to remove any odours. I also love that deep clean and fresh feel I get from it.

I love baking soda it has multi purpose uses and benefits not only in cleaning but in cooking and in other aspects as well.

While cleaning kitchen cabinets with baking soda just add a little bit of baking soda let that sit for a while. Then add a little bit of any vinegar or sometimes I just add plain water.

Let it sit for a while, then scrub it ever so gently. Everything comes off very clean and neat.  Use a damp cloth to clean of any remaining baking soda residue. The combination of baking soda and vinegar is very potent and have multipurpose uses.

Let me know if it works for you, and as always be cautious. Use it on a part of the cupboard which is hidden and you know if something happens that’s no big deal.

Deep clean kitchen cabinets

I deep Clean my kitchen cabinets usually once in a month.  I am using the flylady cleaning system. So my house is divided into zones and kitchen cleaning comes once a month. While cleaning the kitchen I make sure I deep clean the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen counter, the floors, everything.  I deep clean my kitchen cabinets once a month. Some doubts I had regarding deep cleaning my kitchen cabinets and how I handle these. I have listed them down in a question and answer format. So let’s get started.

How to clean grease from kitchen cabinets and How to clean oil stains from kitchen cabinets

Oil stains are common in Indian Kitchen And usually oil splatters on to the kitchen cabinets or it is mixed up with steam and forms a greasy layer on the kitchen cabinets.

To remove oil stains I simply use warm water and little a pump of Dish soap. and applied on to the kitchen cabinets. For some extra strength, I also add vinegar a few drops of vinegar once in a while ( white vinegar). You can also use lemon and salt to clean kitchen cabinets. Just be careful when you use lemon and salt. Salt can be abrasive and ruin the cupboards.

So in a nutshell here is how to clean matte laminate cupboards, the most important criteria is to use water-based household cleaners.  Otherwise, you tend to risk damaging the cupboards. Another important thing is always to make sure that you dry it off suddenly otherwise again you are going to damage the cupboard. Just imagine you are soaking like a notebook in water and that’s going to damage the material so you cannot let it sink in, so make sure that it is dried clean.

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