Best Flat Mop for Floor Cleaning Naivete Flat Mop Review

Best Flat Mop for Floor Cleaning Naivete Flat Mop Review

Traditionally in our house, we use the pocha to clean the floors. This is a floor cleaning cloth which is a bit thick. It is very good for cleaning floors with because if you get the ones which are having a rough texture, they actually scour the stuck on dirt and grime.

We have used this for 20 plus years. Initially, floors were cleaned with the hand. You know, get down on all fours and clean. Nowadays we use a flat rod and place the pocha on the rod and use it to clean the floors.

I was looking for an option which made it easier to clean the floors without touching the pocha, wringing it out and lugging a bucket around. That’s when I made the transition into flat mops.

Flat mop for Floor Cleaning

While looking for hands-free ways to clean the floors I came across the scotch brite floor cleaner. This mop is very lightweight and comes with a micro fibre pad. I was in love with this mop and still am. I use it to clean the floors, walls and the cupboards which are higher up. It does its job so well, it pulls off all dirt and is super soft so does not scratch any surface.

When I had first invested in the Scotch Brite flat mop, I had to spend a lot of time justifying the purchase. It is more expensive than a cleaning pocha and I can use that money in the house for other things. You will not believe how many months I waited before buying that mop. After all, it was just a glorified pocha …

It was there in my wishlist on Amazon for months. One day my flat rod on which I place the pocha and clean the floors, just broke. The joints rusted and it fell apart in two.

I just decided let’s purchase the scotch brite and let’s see if it works. It did, and I was so thrilled, I bought one for my mom and started recommending it to everyone I knew. Some thought me crazy but most purchased it.

Move on to a few years later and I am thrilled with my next new shiny mop. This is the Naivete Plastic Steel 2 in 1 Self Clean Hands-Free Mop.

Why did I want to upgrade from the Scotch Brite Floor Mop?

There were two reasons for the upgrade.

  1. I had taken the scotch brite mop to my holiday home when I needed something for quick cleaning.
  2. I needed a flat mop but I did not want to touch the microfibre pad each time for rinsing it.

The scotch brite did not come with a bucket and I used to take it to the bathroom after each section mopped. Then I had to remove the microfibre and wash it, wring it and place it back on the handle.

This was not tooo much work, but I wanted an option which was

  • hands-free
  • came with a bucket
  • was easy to use
  • came with something to wring off the dirty water

Mop Floor Cleaner with Bucket

This new obsession of mine is a flat mop. It comes with a bucket and the best part is .. it is a self-cleaning mop… yayyy. I am finally at that happy level with a mop. Cleaning the floors has been taken to the next level at my house.

Advantages of Flat Mops

Flat mops reach all corners of the floors. It is easy to navigate behind doors, under the bed and cupboard. They are easy to use and cover a lot of space. This was true for both my flat mops.

Naivete Plastic Steel 2 in 1 Self Clean Wash Dry Hands-Free Magic Flat Spin Mop

I just purchased this mop and it was delivered on 22nd November. I wanted to test the mop a bit before jumping into the review.

The kit includes

  • a flat mop
  • a cleaning bucket
  • 2 microfiber pads
  • instruction booklet
  • 2 knobs for the drain holes

The bucket has two compartments so that dirty water and clean water do not mix. The bucket has two small holes at the bottom, one per container.

How to assemble

The rod came in 4 parts and they simply had to be screwed together. There is not much of assembly required apart from screwing the handle together. The stoppers for the holes at the bottom of the container came in a small plastic packet. You can watch me unbox, and assemble in the video.
I did not take a look at the instructions, I just figured it out myself.

Product claims

When I was deciding on whether to purchase the mop I took a look at the description which actually isn’t much. They could have provided a better description because the description they provided isn’t doing justice to the product.

They mentioned

  • the mop can be used on any flat floors which are smooth and hard. So the mop can be used on hardwood floors, marble floors and tiles. I am using it on vitrified tiles.
  • It has a self-clean bucket for hands-free washing and drying
  • Removable microfibre pads which are easy to clean, trap all kinds of dirt and dust.
  • Mop will deep clean the floors with minimal effort.
  • Can be used daily and the plastic is of professional grade quality.
  • Mop has rectangular shape makes cleaning corners and baseboards easy

This is what I found after having used it for more than 2 weeks.

The mop rod is very light. I did not expect this at all. After assembling it, I was so eager to test it out. I almost felt like a kid with a new candy. I had to try it. I filled the bucket with water and when I dipped it in the water and lifted it I was surprised at how light it was. I am not exaggerating when I say it was too shocking… my immediate thoughts were…  uh, oh…is this going to last… it’s too light .

Don’t think that light in weight means the product is flimsy. I truly and honestly have no clue how they managed to design something so lightweight for a heavyweight job.

The tub comes with 2 containers. They said one is for clean water, and one for drying the mop. I had to squint to read the words wash on one container. The wash container is where the clean water goes. You need to leave the second container empty. It is just for drying the mopping pad. There were two plastic knobs which cover the two drains at the bottom of the bucket.
In my eagerness to test it out, I did not plug the holes properly. Well, we had a puddle of water, but I then I got to use my brand new mop to clean that puddle with ease.

The pad is a sticky type. You need to stick it onto the flat mop. My first reaction…  are you kidding me?  How can a stuck on mop clean? When I saw this feature I literally was so disheartened. I was not sure how a thin stuck on the pad can even do the job. Wouldn’t it just drop off when I start cleaning?

I started cleaning and it stayed stuck on.

So you know the doubting me said… let me check for a week and then surely its gonna fall off.
its been almost 3 weeks now … it hasn’t fallen off, it has survived my crazy cleaning.

They said it would clean all the dirt and grime and fur and hair. I rolled my eyes at this. I was not expecting a miracle. I was happy if it just did an okay job.

I am shocked at how clean the house is with this mop. I am not one to be easily impressed. I can always find a spot missed or fur or hair. Trust me, this mops lifts and pulls everything off.

flat mop buckets for floors



The initial review was made in December 2018. Today is February 11’2019/

Sad to say that I noticed some rusting in the screws which are in the flat mop head. So I will be discarding the mop very soon.

I am so disappointed because the mop was really good had it lasted a bit more.

I am going back to the mop I always like to use. I like my old mop, it has been with me 2 years now and is still going strong.

House Cleaning Pocha

House Cleaning Pocha is no longer just a pocha, now you can even get gadgets which are modern house cleaning pocha and some people like these a lot.

[amazon_link asins=’B073S4QQ2Q,B00L6TMCFU,B00T425C9E,B00NQ03WR4,B00NBM2I4U’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’indiancleaning-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’74f1ec7e-8472-11e8-bfed-3d0ef2ff5cc0′]

There are so many pochas available now. I use the cloth and have been using it for years. I did try the other pochas and have liked them as well.

Why I use the Cloth Pocha?

Spills are much easier to clean up. Sometimes after I use the other pochas I use the cloth pocha to dry out any water droplets remaining.

[amazon_link asins=’B073S4QQ2Q’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’indiancleaning-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’597a9b11-8474-11e8-ba8d-d7b970e09c61′]

This ensures that the floor is non slippery and also dries faster.

A wet or damp floor attracts dust faster so we want it dried off properly and also a cloth pocha gives the tiles a shine.

I prefer cotton pochas because they absorb water quickly and do a much better job of cleaning.

Nowadays you can get rotating spin head mops which takes the concept of pocha to another level.

I have seen the gala mop and somehow I get back to my pocha always.

[amazon_link asins=’B01BBLUVMS’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’indiancleaning-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’92c63a72-8473-11e8-a37a-89d27991865e’]

Another option is the scotch brite which I love and use daily. It makes cleaning the entire house and walls very easy. for the kitchen floor I double up with the pocha so that I get extra shine and no water drops left on the floor.

This is because I also use my squeezee and wash the kitchen floor almost everyday.

How to use a Pocha for house cleaning

The best way to use a house cleaning pocha is to have a bucket handy. I add some lemon essential oils to the water and use it to clean the floor.

If there are ants then I use a few drops of kerosene in the water. This prevents ants from entering the house. We tend to have seasonal visits from ants and using kerosene oil works well for me. I have also used lysol and domex a lot before but since I have been reading up on safe cleaning products I haven’t been using them lately.

I rinse the cloth in the bucket of water and mop the floor. I then rinse it again in the water before I wipe again. I change the water often so that the floors are neat and tidy.

Which house cleaning Pocha do you prefer? The traditional or the modern day version?

Floor Cleaning Brush with Long Handle India

Why I looked for [amazon_textlink asin=’B07B4DH269′ text=’Floor Cleaning Brush with Long Handle India’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’indiancleaning-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’47a50980-846d-11e8-b4e6-e90913ae2160′]? Well I was unable to bend and clean the floors so I had to hunt around for products which helped me get the work done without bending.

I found quite a few floor cleaning brush but they were either difficult to use or I had to bend to use them.

What is the purpose?

To help you in your search for long handle Floor cleaning brush first identify the purpose. Is it for dry sweeping or wet mopping? Do you want to be able to pick up dirt as well ( automatically)?

[amazon_link asins=’B07FBKYTXT’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’indiancleaning-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’ffcc7115-846d-11e8-a853-3dd29d44cb60′] Well as I couldnt bend much ( not at all) I needed a long handled brush with an easy to pick up dirt.

I got the one which had a dustpan into which I could push the dirt into.

This was very very handy because if you cant bend you can at-least push the dirt in and then empty it into the dustbin. This is something which I used a lot till I could eventually get a bit more flexible and bend. Another thing which I found useful was to sit on a chair while cleaning. This reduced the pressure on my hip joints which were very painful.

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If you have arthritis then also such long handled dustpans will help you get things of the floor.

Do you want it to have a flexible head?

A flexible head is very helpful if you have arthritis or you want to say get to certain corners or work the walls of the rooms.

I wash my walls often ( once a month atleast) so I need a floor cleaning brush which doubles up for the walls as well.

[amazon_link asins=’B00NQ03WR4′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’indiancleaning-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’d4f42920-846e-11e8-b008-fb1e49c6a679′] I kind of cheat instead of using the brush for my floors I use this mop which I totally love.

The Scotch Brite mop is so good that I gifted one to my mother as well. It picks up fine hair and dirt, cat fur and I use this as a broom and as a mop. It collects dirt fast so I sometimes skip the brush and use this instead,

I push the dirt into the long handled dustpan but I find this mop helps me better.

Do you want hard bristles?

I need hard bristles so that I can scrub of any gunk or food stuck on the floor. This is especially helpful for me in the kitchen and in the bathroom. [amazon_link asins=’B00FBOV6H6′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’indiancleaning-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’663ead41-846f-11e8-9f47-295f603a1074′]

I then also mop the floor or pour water and push it away using a wiping blade like this one. The wiping cloth is simply added on top of the blade and used to wipe the floor to get a perfect clean.

Different types of Floor Cleaning Brush with Long Handle India

I found many different types of Floor Cleaning Brush with long handle india, some even had wheels, some were strictly for mopping with rotating mop heads. Which one do you prefer and do you own one?

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