Car Washing Machine for Home Use

Owning a car is like having a baby, you need to do some work to maintain it and keep it looking healthy.. Ahem … looking presentable.

One of the most dreaded tasks is cleaning out the car. Car washing can be done at home or as most professionals with no time are doing , they take it to a car wash.

You can also use the age old tradition in India,  have a servant or watchman wash the car. 

Car washing machines are used much often nowadays as more and more people have started understanding the pros of using car washing machines for home use.

Saving money, a stress buster, reducing damage to the car in the form of scratches, stripping away of wax, loss of shine are some of the drawbacks of taking the car to a car wash.

Older cars have a single layer of paint while newer layers have two layers. Scratching the top layer usually means that you would have to repaint the damaged area unlike older cars where spot painting was much simpler.

 Dont spoil the car by being lazy.. 

Are car wash machines bad ?

I am guilty of taking my car to the car wash, as I just don’t have time to wash it thoroughly. While this is the easy way out,  it can harm your car .
I always wondered after the car wash my car wasn’t looking shiny like in the advertisements they have in the car wash workshop.

It looked dull and lifeless, just has no dirt on it, but it doesn’t shine and gleam.

Do you feel that as well?

Well here is why.

Car wash places use a lot of water pressure if it is user pressure washing, this can chip off your paint. Then they might use brushes, which however gentle they claim them to be, will scratch the car.

Next either they are machine dryed or worse hand dried by some men who use the same cloth on all cars. They keep dropping the cloth on the car and then wiping the car with the same cloth.

 They are putting the dirt right back on you car  and scratching its paint… yet again…sigh.

Well the building watchman and the servant does the same and then we wonder why our car looks like its been through war and dull and lifeless.

Does car wash machine damage paint ?

Yes it can. Lets say your car has paint chipping off or some edge exposed. Don’t ask how that happened to mine…

Pressurised water will just create a force and get under that exposed paint and the paint will just chip right off.

How to Car wash at home the Right way

Have a schedule

 I hated routines , I bet most people do. But trust me, you need a day allocated to washing the car.

You also need a day allocated to decluttering your car.

 Are you still reading? 

I know it can be tough. You have work, office, parties, studies, games – where is the time for the car?

Well the secret is you must make the time.

Dedicate a day ( for me its Friday) for car cleanup and maybe a date after that ( for that motivation ).

So every Friday we clean the car.

Some Fridays are for just maintenance.

Declutter the car.

Have two bags handy. One is trash and one for a new home. If you have time, a third bag for donations or recycling.

Toss out all forgotten food, dried up coffee cartons, into the trash bag. Bills, used napkins, empty tissue boxes, empty car deodorant cans, toss all these out as well.

Look under the car seats, you will be surprised at what you might find. We have two kids and let me tell you we have found crayons, toys, books, one slipper, hair clips under the car seats. Toss all items to keep in the new home bag.

We need to put these away.

Take a damp microfiber cloth and do a quick wipe inside. I start with the dashboards, the steering wheel, the gear… just wipe every surface you can.

If you are the extra cautious kind, use disinfectant wipes, they sanitize as well. Don’t use car wax cleaners or any waxy cleaner on the steering wheel, the gear, brakes. You need a good grip while driving.

Use a handheld portable vacuum to vacuum the car seats, floor, the storage area.

Use a dry wipe spray to wipe off the outside of the car if you have no time. This is a waterless technique to maintain your car.
Refill tissues, deodorizer and you are done. Try not to take more than 15 to 20 minutes. Use a timer if you must.

One Friday a month ( maybe the last Friday) you can perform a thorough wash at home, unless if you are super crazy and can do that every Friday, go for it.

Car Washing machine for home use

You could use a car washing machine or use a hose or just a bucket or two of water. Choice is yours.

Get the dirt off

Wash the top dirt off first – The last thing we want to do is drag the dust, dirt all over he car and damage our car exterior with scratches.

So just take a mug of water and pour all over the car, to get loose dirt off. You can also use a hose to hose it down or if you can use a car washing machine it the best option.

The power jet car cleaners throw out a strong jet of water. This dislodges the dirt and makes cleaning a breeze.
Steam cleaners use steam to clean the car, this saves up on water. It kills germs and sanitizes as it cleans.

 Always go from top to bottom. 

So spray or hose down from the roof of the car to the bottom.

You can tackle the rim of the car wheels first as they have dirt and we don’t want to spray dirt back onto a neatly rinsed car.

 Whichever way you go, just get all that dirt off. 

Don’t forget the wheels, under the car in the undercarriage. The holes here can be clogged with dirt and we want them opened. If the underbody draining holes aren’t cleaned this can trap in moisture.

Moisture can rust the under body, it can cause mold to form in the air conditioning. We do not want that to happen.

Use Car soap to clean off dirt and grim

We have gotten the dirt off the loose mud, dust, small stones, twigs, bird poop. We now will lather up the car wither with a spray lather or use a microfiber cloth dipped in soapy water.

Never use dish soap, shampoo, surf as a car soap. Just  use a PH balanced car soap  which are designed specifically to clean without causing damage.

 Use two buckets of water. 

One for rinsing, fill it with clean water. Second bucket fill with soapy water.

Once you have used the cloth on the car first rinse of in the first bucket, then dip in the second bucket containing soapy water. Try not to use one bucket, as you will simply transfer dirt and grime back onto the car, each time you dip in soapy water.

Apply soapy water using microfibre cloth in one direction only. I use top to down method. Don’t use circular motions.
Be gentle on the application. Use microfiber cloth only. This traps dirt and won’t scratch your car.


Use your hose, jet spray or simply a bucket of water to rinse of the soap suds.
We have to get all the soap off else it will leave streaks and soap scum behind.
If using a jet car washing machine test the force of the water on your hand. If it hurts your hand, it is going to hurt you car.


Dry off thoroughly with a thick dry microfibre cloth. Don’t use old towels, old tshirts.

These will scratch your car.

 Dry in one direction only. 

Drying off using circular motions will cause scratches in all directions ( if we scratch it by mistake) and these are hard to get rid off.

Wax if you must

Waxing is not a must but if you could put on a layer of wax and buff it in.

 Ensure that you buff well. 

Once the wax starts drying out, you will notice areas you missed buffing as they will dry out white ( usually). Buff these areas and don’t forget to use a small brush to get excess wax off from rims, edges, around the logos.

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What are your thoughts on home cleaning? Do you agree with my thoughts?

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