Biodegradable Detergents in India

  • Biodegradable means the product or substance can be decomposed by bacteria.

This is safe for the environment and for us.

To be biodegradable the product should have enough moisture and soil so that bacteria can work their wonder and make it safe for us.

Too much water is toxic, smelly and obnoxious gases get released to the atmosphere.

Too little water and the product does not decompose for thousands of years ( you must have heard of the egyptian mummy I guess).

Why am I telling you this?

Just wanted to state a disclaimer that if we think something is biodegradable does not mean it does decompose.

My grandmother would scrub us down like they would to cattle using reetha.

I hated it.

I thought it was so uncool.

Today she is no more and I am so kicking myself for not having learnt her secrets sooner.

Reetha is so beneficial and my Top recommendation.


Best Top Biodegradable Detergents in India

BSD Organics Eco Me Reetha Areetha Kunkudukaialu Soap Nuts with Pouch

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