Fastest Way to Clean Your House and keep it Spotless : Routine, Deep Clean, Checklist

I used to panic when I had people coming over. Even if it was a repair man. That was because no matter how hard I tried my house was always a mess.

How to Clean your House Fast? Plan your cleaning activities in advance. Planning ensures that you have a plan of action and can tackle each area in rotation with minimum wasted time and effort. Cleaning surfaces is quicker if you have limited surfaces to clean.

It is advisable to keep minimal furniture and items in the house. Prior to cleaning I would recommend focusing on decluttering your house.

When Cleaning a House where do you Start?

Drowning in dust and stressed out by the constant cleaning, (which apparently was not working as the house was not staying clean) I decided I needed to take some action. The problem was I did not know where to begin.

The house was a total mess. I then had the fortune of reading a book by Flylady which totally simplified the entire process for me.

I now had a step by step action plan to tackle the mess. I also used the Konmari method to reduce the clutter and minimize my possessions.

To get started with cleaning always begin at the same part of your room. I always work from right to left and top to bottom.

Flylady recommends splitting up your house into Zones. As an example my zones are

  • Zone 1 – Entryway and the hall ( living room) + main Balcony
  • Zone 2 – Kitchen
  • Zone 3 – Dining Room + small balcony
  • Zone 4 – Master Bedroom and Bathroom
  • Zone 5 – Kids Rooms and Bathrooms ( kids help)

As per Flylady’s method work in one zone per week. So Week 1 we work in Zone 1. Spend 15 minutes each weekday in Zone 1.

This is what I do

  • Declutter
  • Relocate items which do not belong
  • Tackle the cobwebs
  • Dust off furniture, tables and other flat surfaces
  • Dust the fans if needed
  • Clean and mop the floors

If you do not believe in this method, you can simply start with that part of the house which bothers you the most. When I started cleaning I had started with the kitchen.

Cleaning Routines

I try to do the following tasks every Saturday. Saturdays are the best days for me to restart my house and give it a face lift. My kids are at home and they help out ( a LOT).

  • Empty all trash, wash trash cans if needed
  • Dust the fans
  • Remove the cobwebs
  • Change the Bedsheets and put them in the washing machine

Daily Cleaning Routine

I do this every morning,even if I am unwell. My cleaning routines have become a habit and it took me 2 months or more to get started with my routines and to stick to them.

  • Make the bed
  • Clean the Toilet
  • Wash Master Bathroom Floor
  • Laundry – 2 to 3 loads per day, this includes folding the clothes. The kids help with that and since this is a task I do not like, I listen to audiobooks so that I can get through the task with the least resistance.
  • Wet mop the kitchen, hall, balcony and master bedroom. Some days I mop the kids rooms as well. They clean their own rooms but I always clean again when they are at school.
  • Dishes – These are washed as soon as I use them. Kitchen counters are wiped down daily.
  • Fridge – The refrigerator I had planned to clean once a week. It never happened. I hate cleaning the fridge, so I give it a quick look and wipe daily. When I take a dish out or some veggies, I use a damp rag to clean up inside. When I take the spices I store in the fridge door, I clean the door cubicles. This method is working for me.

Deep Cleaning Routine

My deep cleaning is performed once a month ( if I can ) or when I just cant stand the dirt. These tasks should ideally be in my current zone,but if I find a particular spot messy, I just deep clean it.

  • Bathrooms – Once a month and sometimes twice a month I will deep clean each kids bathroom. I apply cleaner to the grout on the floor tiles, cleaner to the commode ( toilet). While that soaks, I wash the wash basin and wipe down mirrors, the cabinet and the door. Then I scrub the toilet seat, the toilet, the sides of the toilet, the floor tiles and wash everything off.
  • Kitchen – I deep clean bits and parts of the kitchen almost every day. I might tackle a part of the refrigerator one day, the gas stove another day, the chimney, kitchen cupboards. Keeping the cleaning to once a month does not work for me, and it gets too greasy and stained. So I deep clean almost everyday.
  • Bedrooms – Wiping down the dressers, the bed, under the bed, the mosquito net is done once a month. The kids and me go through our clothes, toys, accessories,makeup, craft supplies and books often. Usually I ask the kids to check their clothes and remove items which are small and with holes or those which they do not like anymore. We put most in a big bag and give it away. The torn clothes are just put in the trash.

How do I Clean my House in One Day?

To be honest nowadays I try not to attempt this herculean feat. The last time I did that I was exhausted for a week and totally angry with myself.

But I do have an action plan for cleaning in a day, just because I have done that on several occasions.

  • Declutter – I declutter the most important areas. These are the areas which visitors to my house will notice immediately. So I declutter the hall or living room, the balcony near the hall, my dining area, guest bathroom and my son’s room.
  • Cobwebs – I take care of any visible cobwebs and the fans. The fans take a lot more time for me. Sometimes I use my flat mop to wipe down the fans and it works much better.
  • Dust – Next I dust of all surfaces, straighten the beds and fluff up the pillows. I might end my weekly tasks with Dusting if I am busy.
  • Mop – I wet mop the floors in almost all the rooms. Sometimes the kids do this for me. Usually I prefer to do this task because I listen to the audio books while mopping. It relaxes me and I get some exercise for the day.
  • Bathroom – The Guest bathroom is cleaned, trash cleared. I have nothing kept out in the guest bathroom, so it does not take me much time. I have seen some amazing guest bathrooms, with amazing decor, mine is stark bare. It is important for me because I cannot clean so many things ( it would drive me nuts). So I sacrificed the Pinterest perfect bathrooms for a minimized clean bathroom.
  • Relocate – I next put things back in their place ( the ones I had decluttered earlier). Some go in the trash.

This usually takes me a few hours ( nowadays less than an hour). I have made it a point to remind the kids to keep the hall clear of their stuff. They are also responsible for keeping their stuff in order.

This means I just can focus on quick cleaning.

I left the kitchen out because I am always attending to the kitchen through the day. When I use something I put that back immediately ( I make haste… because I know I am lazy at doing this).

I try to keep the dishes out of the sink, washed and air drying. I have a mop which I clean the kitchen floor with almost every time I use it… because spills do happen and I cannot deal with a huge mess later.

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How do you keep your house clean all the time?

The secret to keep the house looking clean all the time is to have less stuff. The more furniture, books, toys, utensils you have, the more time you will be spending cleaning. At one point in my life, it felt like all I did was clean.

After working at consciously minimising my stuff I have more free time. I make sure every item has a home or it is just discarded. We have no junk rooms or drawers. The item is either in or out. This means there is no reason for anything to be lying around. Just having nothing out makes the house look so clean and calm.

10 Tips to Manage Housework and Office Work ( Time Management, Daily Routine)

I almost quit work because I just could not find the right balance between house work, the longs hours at the office. Added to that was the guilt of having to leave my small kids at home and justifying that I had done the best for them.

How to manage household work with job? Prioritise your tasks and focus on the essentials, work on one thing at a time, establish routines, plan your days and weeks in advance.

I was a mess and am not really good at organising. Well, I am no good at organising…so I needed to find a quick way to make life simpler.

I had to quit long hours of travel and had ended up taking smaller jobs after I had one of my hips replaced. I just got fed up of the amount of work I was expected to do, since I worked from home.

I thought to myself,if I could work in a proper office, I might actually work fewer hours and get a much higher pay.

I took up a good job offer with a good pay package. A few days in I realized if I had to make this job last, I needed to make things work. Soon I also realized my other non operated hip was not able to cope with the new hip and I had to get another hip replaced.

This is around the time I started praying and did a lot of research on how to organize my day effectively.

Cut Down the Non Essentials

Take a look at your day and figure out what is the most time consuming. For me it was cooking, I hate cooking and I try to avoid this job if I can.

What happened was I ended up eating food outside to stop by cravings for food. This would usually be some kind of junk food or some really greasy chicken curry.

Needless to say I put on a lot of weight,felt tired always and I was loaded with guilt. I knew that if I could get my meals planned out I could take a huge weight of my shoulders and off my hips.

I would recommend a technique for cooking food quickly and efficiently while retaining all the nutrients. I will be eternally grateful for this technique for having turned my life around. I am able to simplify my time in the kitchen and use my times wisely.

I hardly spend more than 45 minutes to an hour to prepare breakfast, lunch and pack hot food in lunch boxes. I also started using the right tools for cooking. I have purchased a cooker, a good sharp knife and scissors which cut through food.

I also have a food blender and chopper to use when I need to make soups or chop a lot of onions.

  Action Step  – Pick one area of your life which is really bothering you and making life hell. Look at simplifying that task or eliminating it if possible.

P.S. I have been listening to this audio book on Amazon and it really is a game changer for my entire life.

Limits to Office Work

Limit office work to office. Once you reach the doorstep, take a deep breath and be present in the moment. You need to make an effort to leave the office behind and be mindful where you are right now.

I have been trying the same thing, now that I am working from home. When I am with kids or cleaning the house, I try to be present in the moment and pay full attention and focus to the task at hand. This has helped me remain focused on what is important and also has enabled me to be a better parent and home maker.

Night Time Routine

I learnt this technique from Marla Cileys book the Sink Reflections. Having a Night time routine and planning the next day in advance has simplified mornings for me.

My night time tasks include clearing out the kitchen, meal prepping for the next day,jotting down what events I have planned for the next day, my work for the blog, kids lunches, kids breakfast menu.

The kids have to ensure that their bags are packed. They also make sure their uniforms, socks are ready for the next day. This has removed all the stress for both the kids and for me. They know exactly where their bags are, their clothes are ready, their assignments are in their bags.

When I used to go to the office, I tried to keep my clothes picked out and ready. This includes picking out the outfit and accessories.

For me it is a reminder to start my day the night before.

Journaling – Bullet Journal

I was introduced to the concept of a bullet journal by a YouTuber. I was so fascinated with it and have been using the Bullet journal concept since then.

I use my diary for this now. It has the dates printed on it. Every day I write down my gratitude list. I mention what tasks I want to get done. I jot down my online work related tasks.

I also jot down kids events and school related work. Once I am done with a task I can strike it off. Incomplete tasks are moved ahead to the next day or month.

Using a bullet journal you can plan your days and weeks. You can prioritize tasks by week or month and have a birds eye view of where you are and what all needs to be taken care off.

Having things on paper is very helpful for me and simplifies my days. I also makes my days stress free and every action is purposeful.

Say No

I learnt this from the Essentialism book. Greg the author emphasizes on saying NO to things, people, events, projects which are not essential to what you have to do.

I so loved this concept, I am using it at home. I just do not take up unnecessary tasks, I do not accept invitations to parties or any meetings which are not in line with my work.

To make this work you must make a list of essentials for your life and work. While I was working I was hired for helping clients with their marketing tasks. Slowly I was being pushed into handling clients, setting up prospecting calls and meetings, lead generation.

While this was okay in the beginning, I soon started feeling disillusioned with my job and very frustrated. I started getting angry, upset and was in constant physical pain.

The moment I realized this was not what I wanted to do, I could take a mental stance that I would not take up tasks which were not in alignment with my goals.

I then realized that I wanted to move on to a new phase in my life and eventually quit my job.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Routines

Routines are something which I realised are essential to keep my house in order. I have explained my routines and how I keep my house clean in my article on how to keep your house clean everyday.

Check my list of books to find the book by Flylady. I have based my routines based on her system. You can use this concept at school, at home, at work.

Let me explain in brief how I go about doing this.

  • Make a list of all the tasks I want done so that I can balance house, work, kids and my sanity
  • I prioritize and move these tasks into items which can be done daily, weekly or monthly
  • The daily tasks are divided into Morning and Bedtime Tasks.
  • Those tasks which are not very important or can wait for a week get pushed to the weekly list
  • Tasks like deep cleaning get pushed to once a week.
  • There are certain tasks which need to be handled ASAP, and I take care of them as per their priority.

Me Time

I make it a priority to listen to audibooks while I cook and clean. I also just spend some time doing nothing and visualizing my life and work.

I kind of visualize and medidate at the same time using a technique I developed for myself.

It is based on focusing on what I really want in life, healthy body, loving family, good income. I visualize my life and really enjoy the process an I have been able to manifest things based on what I visualized.

Get Work Done From Maids

Recently I decided to keep a cook. She comes in twice a week and prepares a few local dishes which my husband and son love.

I prepare all the other meals, breakfast, lunches as well as meals for myself. My daughter usually prepares her own lunches.

I was very resistant to hiring a maid but then when I listened to the audio version of the book ( Essentialism ), I decided to move off non essential tasks ( and labeled cooking certain dishes as non essential).

Having the cook prepare those, means that my family can enjoy variety in their meals and I get a LOT of timeon my hands to spend time on myself.

I have started going for regular walks and really pampering myself.

I have included a minimalistic skin care routine in my morning and evening routines and I really look forward to each day of self love.

The previous version of me would have cringed to that but the new me, loves being me and is okay with asking for help.

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Time Management for Working Mothers

Managing time efficiently has never been one of my strengths ( along with organising and cooking). I take on a lot of tasks and think that I can work on all of these efficiently.

The reality is, I started burning out massively.

Limiting your tasks as covered by my thoughts on essentialism above and managing your time can help you achieve most of your goals and make you feel so accomplished.

How can you Work from Home Effectively

Prioritize. Prioritize. Priorotize.

This is so important. Cut down all the cluttter in your life ( I use the Konmari method for my possesions) and focus on what is really important.

Monthly Toilet Cleaning Checklist

I realised cleaning the toilet is something if not done regularly can turn into a nightmare job. The Indian Toilet needs a lot of attention as we love under different climatic conditions.

How often should you clean the Toilet? This is a much debated question. In my house we clean the toilet daily. We have certain cleaning jobs such as scrubbing around the toilet base and ubend which is performed weekly. Monthly cleaning is reserved for all deep cleaning jobs.

If you dread cleaning the toilet, here is a simple tip, just maintain it daily. Avoiding this task can really make your life so difficult.

Toilet Cleaning Procedure

Create a routine for toiletcleaning. This is the easiest way to get things done. Once we clear off our mind of all the non essentials and knowexactly what we must do, the brain kind of just gets towork on it.

Here are my steps which you can copy

  • Clear off any clutter which is lying in the bathroom
  • Spray surfaces with Cleaner
  • Scrub the Surfaces
  • Wipe down surfaces
  • Remove Odour
  • Remove Trash

How do I get rid of Toilet Bowl Ring

In our locality especially towards the summer months the water just changes. It starts leaving stains on ceramics and also there are some chemical reactions which happen with urine reacting to lime in water leaving rings and brown stains in the toilet bowl.

These are few ways which I managed to clean up the rings and have them look sparkling white. It did take a little effort but it was worth it.

How to Remove and Prevent Pink Mold

Aureobasidium or pink mold forms in humid environments. Pink mold can cause inflammation, respiratory problems, bleeding and infection in lungs and rashes. Children, elderly people and pets seems to get affected more from the spores of these molds.

You can see the molds in the toilet, in the grout, on tiles.

To eliminate the mold apply bleach based cleanser and leave it for some time ( as per instructions on the can). This will kill the spores.

To prevent new molds from forming again, air the bathrooms, install exhaust fans which suck out moisture and hot air.

Wipe down the soap and scum after every shower. These are what pink mold need to live off. The best solution is to keep a spray ottle filled with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Spray this on the bathroom tiles and the toilet bowl.

How to make Bathroom Smell Nice

To make your bathrooms and toilets smell nice an keep them that way, follow my 2 step process.

Eliminate existing smells – In step 1,just go through the bathroom and remove all things which are producing nasty smells. The main culprit is the dustbin and also some products which must have expired.

Food plates with stuck on food are also common culprits, so remove all these from the bathroom. Take all plates and cups and glasses to the kitchen and leave them there to be handled later.

Use Air Freshners – Leave a small tub of vinegar lying around in the bathroom. This removes all nasty odours. Baking soda also absorbs odours an you can leave a tub of baking soda (opened) in the toilet. Baking soda absorbs all smells.

To add some fragrance while eliminating odour from the toilet,mix in 5 to 10 drops of essential oils in the baking soda. I like to mix in lavender essential oil, rose essential oil and lemon essential oil.

You can alternatively use commercial deodoizes available in the market but I tend to stay away from chemicals.

Another option is to leave activated carbon in a dry part of the bathroom.

How to Remove Black Rings in Toilet Bowl

Black Rings can be mineral deposits where the water is reacting to urine and leaving scales. It could also be mold which is breeding under the toilet rim. This mold is very dangerous for our health and can cause respiratory problems, skin rash and other health issues.

The mold seems to thrive in hot humid climates, such as the one in the state where I live in India. When I visit my parents house in southern India I always marvel at how spotless and white the toilet bowls are.

The high heats and lack of humidity in the air naturally clean and kill all kinds of molds. The windows are always allowing air circulation and direct sunlight enters the toilet and falls on the toilet bowl.

This is actually enough to sanitise the toilets. The only issue they have is mineral deposits due to hard water. It was resolved in two ways.

Inititally, we added vinegar to the toilet bowl to keep it clean. This removed the minreal deposits and the toilet bowls actually sparkled.

The permanent relief came when the water was softened by natural means. The water was very hard and was causing the mineral deposits.

We dug a small trench within the grounds of the building to capture all water such as rain water,water from washing the houses (except sewage water). These trenches improved the ground water and actually reduced the salt and mineral deposits.

If you live in India approach your local panchayat for guidance. They provide assistance including money to dig the trench.

In the place I live now, we have a lot of humidity so to handle the black mold I take a lot of precautions.

My rental house had black mold and that was because of

  • excess humidity
  • poor air circulation
  • water accumulation because the flooring was uneven
  • Dripping faucets and toilet bowl
  • no direct sunlight

The only solution I had was to apply bathroom acids and bleaches to the affected areas. Read the instructions on the bottles and make sure the windows are open. Also ensure pets and kids do not have access to the toilet atleast for 24 hours.

Basically I washed the bathroom with acid. I also applied bleach another day in the toilet bowl and the floor, left it for a few hours and washed it off thoroughly.


  • Ventilation is a must. The fumes are terrible, even though I took precautions I ended up with rashes on my skin and breathing difficulty. If you have eczema like me, be extra careful.
  • Rinse out the product thoroughly.
  • Dry out the area and keep it dry henceforth
  • Install an exhaust fan to prevent this from happening again
  • Keep bathroom aerated. I always left the doors open. This was a must because we had little to no air circulation

Best Homemade Bathroom Cleaner

After having many side effects from commercial cleaners I found some homemade natural cleaners which are more effective and useful.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Sprinkle baking soda, wait 1 hour then spray vinegar. Apply some baking soda on the Toilet brush and scrub under the rim and inside the toilet bowl.

This is highly effective, it deodorizes the toilet, kills all germs and keeps the air smelling fresh


Spray vinegar on bathroom tiles and the commode or toilet bowl. Spray vinegar in and around the toilet bowl. Vinegar removes mineral deposits, kills germs, kills molds and disinfects.

Be careful about using vinegar near metal faucets, they can corrode or rust.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

I love using hydrogen peroxide. Sometimes I also use rubbing alcohol. These sanitize and clean very well. When you apply hydrogen peroxide to any surface you can literally see the dirt being pulled up.

When it was particularly dirty I had made a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and applied it on the grout and on the toilet seat stais, and the toilet ring.

Leave it for sometime. I usually leave it for anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour. Come back and scrub and flush. You will be so impressed by how it sparkles.

Dish washing Liquid Plus Vinegar

If you are lazy you will just love this diy cleaner. Boil some water and vinegar ( 50:50). Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Now apply this to the tiles, toilet bowl, the toilet seat,toilet tank, the base of the commode. I used to spray it ( it is easy to spray), but now since the spray is not working I just pour it on or apply with a scrub.

Leave it for 1 hour and just rinse off. I scrub a bit and rinse off. The grime just comes off. This solution is also useful on grout and I have used it and love the result.

Monthly Toilet Cleaning Checklist

Every month perform all the deep cleaning tasks. These tasks are those which take a lot of time. Identify all tasks which you know need to be done but you have pushed aside just because you have no time or are not really interested in.

I would make a list of these tasks and ensure these are taken care of once a month.

My monthly cleaning checklist includes

  • Deep cleaning the Toilet bowl – Use natural cleaners and really scrub the toilet bowl
  • Deep clean the toilet tank – Add vinegar and clean out
  • Bacteria – I use good bacteria to clean out the toilet bowl. You can check the Recommended Cleaning Products for the product I use. I mix it with water and add it to the drains and toilet bowl. You must leave it for 6 hours, so do this at night. This is an eco-friendly product and will not corrode your metal drain pipes.
  • Scrub the commode – I use a toothbrush and clean the sides of the commode, the connection to the floor and get to all corners.
  • Tiles – I clean the floor tiles and grout using the natural cleaner products I mentioned above. This keeps them sparkling clean and kills all bacteria.

Related Questions

Are you supposed to clean your Toilet Tank?

Yes we are supposed to clean the toilet tank. After it stores all the water and might be harbouring a lotof germs. Especially in the Indian climate you are dealing with heat,humidity and dust. This is the perfect mix for growing germs.

Just empty the tank, cover any metal parts in te tank with tape. Tape off the toilet metal handle and faucets. Anything metal needs to be covered.

Pour in white vinegar and let it sit for a few hours ( a minimum of one hour). Give a quick scrub inside to remove any grime, and lime buildup.

Vinegar does a very good job of removing all kinds of stuff and killing bacteria. Now remove the tapes and ensure that all traces of vinegar are removed.

After all vinegar is an acid and can rust the metal parts. Do this process as often as required. Once a month should be enough. In my house I do this once in a couple of months.

How to keep the Bathroom Floor Clean?

Cleaning the bathroom floor is very easy if you do it regularly. I am speaking from experience. I would leave the bathroom floor for cleaning it later when I had time.

I never seemed to have time. Who will make time for a task which is not so exciting? There are better things to do like binge-watching YouTube videos.

Here is my cheatsheet for keeping my bathroom floor neat and tricking the guests to think I am a neat freak 🙂

Pick up after yourself – Do not leave anything on the floor. I force myself to pick up after myself. No papers, no hair which falls from combing, nothing is left on the bathroom floor. Just this one task keeps the bathroom looking so well maintained.

Declutter – Remove all stuff from the floor. We have big bathrooms in my house. Not one but three of them. Since they are almost like mini rooms, they tend to accumulate stuff.

The last time I had the urge to take my life back in order, I just decluttered like crazy. I just kept the bare essentials on the floor ( the dustbin and a bucket and mug). This one step will make your toilet look cleaner, organised. It also eliminates all spaces where dust can hide.

Since we wash our floors of the bathroom, water tends to be stuck under the buckets and objects lying in the bathroom. This attracts dirt, insects and germs. I ensure that the buckets are always dry and have elevated them on stools.

Mop Daily – I mop the master bathroom daily. The other two I try to ensure that they are spot cleaned and that the floor remains dry. Damp and wet floors attract dirt which sticks and once dirt dries in it is hard to clean.

So always keep a mop handy and use it dry the bathroom floors.

Also maintain a bathroom floor cleaning schedule. Clean the bathroom floor tiles and get to the grout, just cleaning them will make our bathroom look spotless.

Indian Kitchen Cleaning Tips : Complete Guide

Cleaning the Kitchen is a task which I dread ( a lot). I have managed to create a schedule for myself and am proud of how I have progressed over the years. Yes it took me a long time to work out a system which worked for me. Looking back over time, I am so pleased with what I could achieve.

I was never creative in the kitchen. I couldn’t cook or let us put it this way, I hated cooking and hated cleaning the kitchen. When I fell sick and was very unwell for 7 years I couldn’t care less. After I got back healthwise, I decided things had to change at my house. I wanted those picture perfect homes of a clean kitchen and food at the table with family members.

I started off experimenting with the Flylady system, Minimalism,Marie Kondo and here I am today having developed my own cheat sheets to help keep my kitchen in order.

How to Keep an Indian Kitchen Clean? Create a Cleaning Routine for yourself and your family. Ensure that your counters are always clean, the sink is clean and clear, the floor is mopped and things are put back in place.

Here is how to clean the kitchen and keep it clean

  • Clean up After Every Cooking Session
  • Wash Dishes
  • Wipe Down Counters
  • Gas Burners
  • Put Things Away
  • Wipe the Floor
  • Check the Cupboards
  • Check the Fridge

How to Keep Kitchen Clean Daily

The Only secret to keeping kitchen clean daily is to taking the effort to clean. Procrastination is what creates mess and to beat it I just push myself daily to get up and clean.

Here are Some Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips to help you keep yourself on track. These are the exactly what I do to keep my kitchen clean.

Clean up After Every Cooking Session – I ensure that I clean as I go. After chopping vegetable the peels go in the wet food dustbin. All wrappers bottles, plastic bags go for recycling. I clean the counter with a cloth and move onto preparing the next dish.

Wash Dishes – As soon as I use the dishes I wash the dishes and air dry them. This helps keep the kitchen sink clean and clear. if there are some dishes I cannot handle right away, I let them soak till I get to them.

Wipe Down Counters – Any spills on the counters are immediately taken care off. I have a rag which I use to wipe the counters with.

After every dish is prepared, I transfer it into a dish, wash the dish and wipe the counter.

Gas Burners – The area around the gas burners is easier to wipe immediately. Any spills come off easily when it is hot and when it has not dried up. Stuck on spills are a nightmare to handle. If there is a difficult to wipe spill I pour some vinegar on it. This makes it easier for me to clean up later.

Put things Away – Put things away after every use, quickly and immediately. I keep reminding myself to do this. It took a lot of pep talk and self-motivation for me to get into the habit of doing this.

I keep reminding myself to keep the spices and oils away. The moment I leave them on the counter, they just seem to attract a lot more clutter. Visual clutter makes me lose motivation to cook. Keeping them away does help me prepare much better meals quickly.

Wipe the Floor – I have a mop which I use a lot. I keep it in the kitchen so that I can do a quick mop often. There is no other option but to mop my kitchen floor after every meal prepared. This catches all spills and helps me maintain the kitchen.

I also wipe around the dining table. These two areas need a lot of TLC and once they are wiped clean the house looks very clean.

Check the Cupboards – While cooking I check the cupboards and discard things I have not been using in a while. If I have not used them for long, I probably will never use them.

I also wipe down any stains and fingerprints. Wiping down all the cupboards is a monthly task.

While I am cleaning or spot cleaning, I am always looking for doubles, dishes which are broken, without lids and I just give these away.

Check the Fridge – As I get fresh produce from the fridge I check for spills, expired food. I also do a quick clean of any spills. Usually there are spills from milk or some food which I get to quickly.

I try to clean out the fridge once a month. Sometimes I just deep clean one shelf at a time. This is helpful for me as I do not like cleaning the fridge. cleaning one shelf at a time, helps me stay on top of this task.

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for you

Kitchen Cupboard Cleaner – I use water and vinegar mixed in equal parts to wipe down the cupboards. Since I try to wipe down the cupboards above the gas stove almost daily, there is no oil buildup.

There was a time when I fell sick and could not maintain the cupboards or the microwave.

This is how I got it back to sparkling clean very quickly. I placed a few old lemons in a glass bowl and microwaved it till there was a steam buildup. It takes me around 5 to 7 minutes. Then I used the lemon and wiped down the cabinets ( especially the greasy parts). I let this sit for awhile till cleaned up the microwave.

I dipped a microfibre cloth in the hot lemon water and used it to wipe down all cupboards.

Gas or Stove Top Cleaner – I rub a lemon dipped in salt all over my stove. I leave it for a while and then wipe it off with a damp cloth.

I also have used vinegar plus water mixture and baking soda to clean the gas stove. Just apply baking soda paste on the gas stove. Leave it for a bit. Then add some white vinegar, let it bubble, scrub of stuck on food. Wipe dry using microfibre cloth.

I like these simple natural cleaners as I am not afraid of leaving behind any chemicals.

Natural Dishwashing Liquid – I have purchased an organic dishwash powder which I use for cleaning the dishes. I also prepare small batches of soap nut liquid to clean the liquid.

To prepare Soap Nuts Liquid

  • Soak 15 to 20 Soap nuts in water
  • If you soak overnight it works better.
  • Boil the liquid with the soap nuts ( I make sure there is around 2 litres of water).
  • Boil till water reduces to half.
  • Cool and squeeze out the soap nut liquid till only the fiber and seed are left (these are biodegradable)
  • Store it in refrigerator and use a little to wash dishes.

Add a few drops of lemon essential oil for its anti bacterial properties. This smells good as well.

I use the liquid in my dishwasher and in my washing machine as well. Just 2 tablespoons is enough to do its job.

Why is it Important to Keep the Kitchen Clean

The simple task of keeping the kitchen clean has many benefits.

  • Keeping the kitchen clean prevents the spread of foodborne diseases. Washing hands often, especially after touching raw food, meat and the dustbin ensures that bacteria does not touch the food.
  • Wiping down often you reduce the number of harsh chemicals required to clean dirt and grease which has stuck on. I do not use any chemicals any more in the kitchen as they have many side effects. Natural cleaners like vinegar, baking soda and soap nut liquid are very effective cleaners.
  • Your kitchen is always presentable and smelling good and fresh, especially when you have unwanted company.

Clean Kitchen in 15 Minutes

Here is a quick guide to clean the kitchen in 15 minutes.

  • Load the dishes in dishwasher or hand wash the dishes.
  • Wipe dry and put the dishes away if hand washed.
  • Wipe and put away appliances ( toaster, blender)
  • Wipe the counters, the gas stove
  • Check if the cupboards needs a quick wipe
  • Wipe oil from the back splash
  • Wash the sink and dry it
  • Empty the trash and put in a new trash bag

Related Questions

Here are some other common Kitchen Cleaning related questions.

How Clean the Dish Cloths and Kitchen Rags

  • After every use rinse the cloth. Use a cloth soap if needed.
  • Dry the cloth on a rag till next use
  • Once you are done with the rag you can dry it on a rack till you are ready to wash. If smell is an issue you can soak it in a small bucket filled with white vinegar and water ( equal parts)
  • At the end of the day, toss all the rags in the washing machine or hand wash
  • Add some vinegar and baking soda to the wash, let it run for a hile and switch off the washing machine. I let it soak for a couple of hours. You can also use the delayed wash feature in the machine ifyou have that feature.

I have a prewash treatment which I do most times. I boil water and add some washing soda. I also either add dish wash liquid or some detergent powder. I add the rags to the boiling water and boil for 7 to 10 minutes.

Then I either hand wash to add them to the washer.

Recently I have started using soap nuts liquids as it has anti bacterial and antifungal properties and it is organic.

How to Clean the Kitchen Sponge

The kitchen sponge ir rung dry after every use. I wash it with dishwashing liquid or soap nut liquid between uses.

At the end of the day I just boil it in water with dishwashing liquid or detergent.

5 Things to Keep Your House Clean Everyday

My house was a mess. No matter how much I cleaned, it always looked like it had never been cleaned. I was desperately looking at ways to simplify my life and keep my house clean.

How to keep you house clean everyday? Pick up stuff, put things away as soon as you have used them, downsize and declutter, establish routines and involve family members.

Cleaning the house was not an easy task for me as at one point in my life I wasn’t keeping too well. So I wanted a system which was quick, easy and effective. I also wanted a system which would require little movement for a person like me who couldn’t move around much.

5 Everyday Habits to help You Clean your house

Step #1 Declutter

Before we begin cleaning we must and should declutter our possessions. This is one tip which I learned from the Konmari Method and from the Flylady system.

When we declutter the house we actually minimize cleaning and make it much easier to maintain the house. Decluttering is getting rid of things you no longer want and keeping only those items which you are important to you.

Start removing duplicates ( utensils, baking trays, clothes, books), old clothes, furniture, cleaning supplies. The easiest way for me was to identify what I wanted to keep. This meant I could quickly throw away or donate the other items.

Decluttering can be very easy for some ( like for me), and very heartbreaking ( like for my son). Be patient with yourself and you will find that it can be very therapeutic.

Another point to remember is to never give away other people’s things ( even if it looks like clutter to you). This is a lesson I have learnt and will save you a lot of trouble. Once you have eliminated things now is the time to take stock of what you have and rearrange into categories and by location.

For example, all books belong in the bookshelf. This means not in the living room or in the bathroom. This reduces visible clutter and once verything has a place it makes it easier to clean and dust.

Step #2 Put Stuff Away

Anything which is taken out, or used should be immediately put back in its place. I never followed this rule. I never knew about it till my house looked like it had been hit by a hurricane.

I would use things and leave them on the counter or on the bed or on the sofa. The intention was that I would put all these back soon.

Soon never came, and the things just lay there. Another theory of mine was to leave things out which I would use often.

These items created a lot of visual clutter which ended up making me fell depressed and actually fall sick.

The simple solution is to put things away as soon as you can. So now whenerver I am done with using a spice I put it back in the cupboard where it belongs. Once I have used a comb it goes back in its place.

Just this simple activity has made my house looking clean ( an illusion) because things are in their rightful place.

I also follow the one touch rule. I actually picked it up from a Youtube video long long ago. The concept is any object touches only one place ( the place where it should be).

So when I walk in the door I ensure that I take my purse and leave it in its place. All groceries are put away immediately (on most days). Any mail is sorted and junk mail and advertisments are discarded right away.

This is another tip which has helped our family a lot. I have managed to teach it to my kids. They no longer leave their things in the living room. They are also mindful of putting their toys, craft and coloring material away.

Step #3 Cleaning Supplies

I love sharing this tip because since I have been doing this my life has changed. I started investing in good quality cleaning brushes, and other supplies.

With the right tools on hand cleaning becomes very easy. I always keep a microfibre cloth, cleaning brushes and detergent on hand always. Some people have dedicated cleaning caddies ( I don’t). If that helps you then keep a cleaning caddy.

What I do different from others is that I keep supplies in 2 of my 3 bathrooms. This makes it easier for me to access them as I get tired if I run around too much. Yes they are duplicates but it ensures that I keep the bathrooms and the room closest to it clean.

Having the required supplies on hand is the game checker. It stops procrastination in its tracks and literally pushes to move ahead.

Step #4 Establish Routines

I was searching for ways so that I can get my cleaning and house maintenance chores done quickly and in a short time. That is when I came across articles and videos about establishing routines.

I purchased a book by Flylady and started implementing what she said.

The Flylady system is all about making routines so that you can cut down the overwhelm. Routines will ensure that your house is always presentable.

When you are creating a Routine for yourself think about your household, your schedule. I worked with my schedule so that I would have the least resistance to something new.

I have used the techniques mentioned by Fylady but modified it so that I w ill be motivated to clean.

If our household hadn’t embraced routines, we would have failed at this. Routines became habits, which we now just follow everyday ( with closed eyes).

Step #5 Ask for Help

You are not required to do it all alone. I have always used the help of my family. Cleaning and maintaining a house is family effort. It is not the “job” of one person.

After all, all of us live together, hence we should be keeping our spaces clean together. So do not feel guilty to involve kids and your spouse.

I initially did feel guilty involving the kids. Over the years I have realised that the kids have grown up to be very responsible.

They actually take pride in their new skills and clean rooms. Ocassionally they call me over to check how they have arranged their toys or books.

Asking the kids to involve has been one of the best things for our family. They have taken ownership of their rooms. I have taught them how to clean certain areas, so that they understand what I mean by the word clean.

What Should you Clean Everyday ?

I was always procrastinating and trying to skip a day or two. If I cleaned one day, I would try to skip another day. I never really understood the importance of daily cleaning.

Till I started cleaning daily 🙂 ..

I am not speaking about the daily deep cleaning, but the maintenance kind of cleaning daily. The house just started looking so different and inviting and was always guest ready.

So what should you be cleaning everyday? Here is what I clean daily ( even on most sick days). Even if I do not deep clean, just this daily cleaning schedule helps keep my house on track.

  • Kitchen Counters – After every meal preparation, I try to wipe down the counters. I literally have to push myself to do this one most days. I usually would leave the spices, the dishes out until I found a suitable time later in the day. That suitable time never ever came and stuff just seems to attract more stuff. If the counters are cleaned and clear, you will notice that they remain like that for the most part.
  • Stove – I wipe down the stove after every meal. Initially, I thought I needed to scrub it down so thought I would do it at the end of the day. Now I just keep a rag around, clean the stove quickly ( like 2 minutes ). This saves me a lot of hard work later one. No more burnt on food and stains.
  • Kitchen Sink – When you get started with the Flylady System, you are asked to start by cleaning the sink. Marla Cilley calls it “shining the sink”. I love how she lovingly asks us to shine the sink and keep it shining throughout the day. When I started shining the sink, I realised that I would make an effort to not pile up dirty dishes. Slowly I started trying the area around the sink clean. This is one habit which is a must.
  • Dishes – Try to wash dishes as soon as you use them, or load them in the dishwasher. I hand wash dishes ( most of the time). So I try to wash them as soon as I use them, else they land in the sink ( and I want my shiny sink to stay shiny ).
  • Laundry – We go through a lot of laundry. School uniforms, towels, bedsheets, we literally go through a lot of clothes each day. I never wear any dress more than once. The piles of laundry were a nightmare initially till we decided to tackle one pile a day. Marla Cilley of the Flylady System says “laundry is not done till you wash, dry, fold and put it away”. I am trying my best to go through at least one load of laundry in one day. The kids help with this one, they keep their clothes away, load the washer and help dry the clothes (on most days).
  • Bathroom Sink – Clean the wash basin daily. This keeps it looking like brand new. I have kept a small brush in the bathroom, which I use for cleaning the wash basin. This gets rids of all stains, toothpaste marks, any spills from my homemade face powders. The days I skip this, I can totally see how gross the bathroom feels.
  • Toilet – I used to clean the toilet bowl once in 2 or 3 days. Now I clean it every day. It is called the swish and swipe by Marla Cilley. Just a quick scrub keeps it looking clean and fresh. My kids try to keep their toilet bowls clean ( but I need to supervise often). This is one quick clean up which is really helpful in keeping the house clean.
  • The Common areas – I learnt a trick, a kind of cheat to make the house look stunningly clean. I purchased a mop which self cleans and I keep in the kitchen. At least 2 to 3 times, I quickly mop the kitchen floor, around the dining table and the living room ( if needed). This makes my house look like its been deep cleaned. I have also kept a small brush in the kitchn which I use to quickly scrub any food which has fallen and stuck to the floor. Spot cleaning has literally changed our house.

How can I keep my house clean if I work full time?

I was asked this question by a subscriber on my Youtube channel. They wanted help in maintaining a clean house while managing a full-time job.

I was so eager to share because I too was working full time, had 2 kids and had a health issue which made any movement very painful. So I came up with a system

  • Routines – I created a Morning and Night Routine following the Flylady method. For me the night routine is the most important. I kind of get ready for the next day at night. I use a bullet journal to jot down my to-dos, including bible lesson, working on my blog, working on youtube videos, school work, important appointments. I follow the same routines for cleaning. At night kids make sure they have their school uniforms ready for the next day. They are responsible for clearing their toys, books and helping with clearing the dishes. Kitchen is cleaned up, floors are mopped and we are ready for the next day.
  • Pick a Few chores – I picked the bare minimal tasks which had to be done. Then these were divided between my Morning and Night Routine. These included laundry, the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, laundry, mopping the kitchen and common areas). Rest all could wait.
  • Weekly Tasks – Most of the major cleaning was done on the weekends. This is the time I could use the help of my family ( because they were home too).
  • Help – There were phases in my life when I just couldn’t do anything. So while I was preparing for surgery and just post surgery I hired a helper. She cleaned and cooked for a couple of months till I recovered. So if you just cannot manage it, hire someone for a few hours or days.

These might Interest You

Konmari Method: What No One Tells You

Konmari method helps people tidy their homes by decluttering their possessions. Though it is about decluttering and minimising your possessions it is different from traditional decluttering.

What is Konmari Method?

Konmari method focuses on deciding what items to keep and then discarding those items which do not spark joy ( or give you that happy feeling inside).

What you don’t know about Konmari? Konmari is not about organising or simply tidying. It is about going through your possessions and deciding what to keep.

The book mentions that once you tidy up, you are set for life. The book does not mention how to maintain a house daily, how to deal with clutter which comes into the house daily. Kids toys are also one topic which I felt was lacking.

I share my experience below as I had been introduced to the Konmari method a few years ago.

The Steps in the Konmari Method

Marie Kondo advises to follow these 6 rules for decluttering and tidying up.

#1 Commit yourself to Tidying up

This is the first step in which we are making a mental shift and committing to tidying. Make a promise with yourself to start tidying and commit to the process. It might take a few hours to a few days, it all depends on how much you have accumulated over the years and how ready you are to let go.

#2 Imagine your Ideal Lifestyle

In this step you are supposed to imagine what you want to acheive with tidying. Is it having a clean environment, a calm place to relax in, a space which feels like a bread and breakfast. This is a crucial step ( I belive) as if you can have the end result in mind, it will make the process much faster.

I personally wanted the freedom to the clutter. I wanted to be able to reduce the time I spent cleaning the house. I also wanted to bring a sense of calm and peace to my house.

I wanted to be able to find things easily and quickly. I wanted my kids to experience living in spaces which helped their creativity and were relaxing.

#3 Finish discarding first

Konmari asks you to let go of stuff. Prior to Konmari when I was trying to get some sense into my life, and put an end to chaos at home, I was frustrated by how every other book and article spoke about organising stuff.

Konmari and Flylady were the only systems which spoke about starting with letting go of the stuff on hand.

When you first declutter, you have no need to purchase organisers. I was able to get rid of a lot of things including organisers.

Removing unwanted things which do not serve any purpose for us, frees up a lot of space and simplifies life beyond measure.

#4 Tidy by Category, instead of Location

This is one of the important idea I have gained from Konmari’s book. Before Konmari I used to declutter and tidy I was just spinning around in circles.

The most important aspect of Konmari’s method is to declutter and tidy category by category. Marie Kondo asks us to work with the following categories

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Papers
  • Komono or Miscellaneous
  • Sentimental items

Another important aspect to getting your house in order is to follow her steps blindly. She mentions working category by Category. She also mentions collecting everything in a category into one place. So if you are working with clothes, you have to gather clothes from all spaces ( cupboards, dressers, washing baskets, washing machine, basement).

I liked this a lot because this helped me get a visual picture of all what I owned and I could immediately decide whether I wanted to keep things or not. Prior to this I was decluttering and organizing clothes again and again ( because I had not checked the other spaces where the clothes were in).

It really helps to get all items into one huge pile and start working on it.

#5 Follow the Correct Order

You are supposed to work in the 5 categories mentioned above sequentially and stick the order. So, we start with Clothes, then move onto books and papers… I was okay with working within one category. This helped to remain focused and not get sidetracked with other things.

But, I did not want to follow the categories in the order she mentioned. This is because I find it easier to work with Clothes, Kitchen items. I am not at all comfortable with Books and Papers. I am actually okay with albums and childrens projects which fall in the sentimental category.

So I just cheated and skipped the books and papers and moved on to the toys and kitchen items. Books were handled last and it worked much better at my house.

This step I think is not universal, and I might be wrong but that is my opinion.

#6 Discard based on what “Sparks Joy”

Konmari asks us to take each item, hold it in our hands, feel it. She says if you get a good feeling or vibe or a zing… you keep that item. If it doesn’t spark joy or feel good, you can thank the item and let it go.

While it made totally sense for me with clothes and kitchen items, it failed miserably with books and toys.

My family owns a lot of books. We read a lot. I can let go of books easily but for my husband and kids, they fall in the sentimental items category ( I guess). Working with books was painful and in the end though I donated a lot of books, my bookcase is still full of books.

What are the drawbacks of the Konmari method?

I found many things I was unhappy with the Konmari method.

#1. Daily Clutter

The book does not help us solve the issue with clutter which comes in daily. This could be the mail, gifts, kids homework and sheets. Konmari assumes that once you have understood the tidying and decluttering mindset, you can magically understand how to tackle daily life.

I find the book needs to address this subject and help people with what to do on a day to day basis.

#2. Once is Enough

At the beginning of the book Konmari mentions that once you are done with all the categories you are done for good.

I used her method years ago. With a few months, the house was back to where it was ( almost). Initially I criticized myself an wondered if i had done it right.

Now I realise that this promise was not realistic, it was too ideal. We do not live under ideal circumstances. Yes, I have decluttered once, but I have not yet built the muscle of deciding what to do with new things which enter my house.

I have found my own ways to declutter my house and keep it in order in recent years. The Konmari declutter phase was the starting point though.

#3 Rigid Methods

Internally I rebelled with some of her methods. I am not okay with how she folds the clothes. Though I loved it and tried it and even made a Youtube video about it, I realised it wasn’t practical at all.

I have a single wardrobe which I share with my husband. If I make mini packages and store the clothes, they just wont fit. Also I would have to layer them one of the other as I have high shelves which are not very deep. Also I have only a few shelves, so if I do not stack my clothes, I cannot keep any clothes and believe me I have very few.

I can only work this out if I buy extra storage..duh

Konmari mentions that socks should not be stuffed into another. they need to breathe. I tried that. It drove our family nuts. We could never find pairs because the neat little packages open up when kids move clothes around.

They do not care to maintain the neat little packages. Now I am back to folding the end of one sock on the other so that they stick in place.

That is what works for me.

When Konmari asks to empty the purse every night, I might have collapsed. I just cannot do that. It is too much trouble. I cannot keep the contents of my purse out every day. I cannot imagine how people can do that every night, it doesnt make sense.

#4 Routines

This is again about not having a system in place to maintain tidiness. I have read the book, listened to the audiobook, and I still am not able to maintain it.

I feel the author has failed to consider the different personalities of people. For me routines are key. I need systems in place. When someone says keep something if it sparks joy, it is too abstract for me.

Experience with Konmari Method

I cannot lie the first time I listened to her audio book, I cried my eyes out. I just loved the innocence, the assurance and the simplicity.

I was having health issues which meant I had to be selective about what duties I could do and couldn’t. I couldn’t bend, and could barely drag my self out of bed every morning.

So things just piled up. Stuff was everywhere.. I was always in fatigue.. When Konmari came into my life, it was life changing ( just like the title).

I started working as per her instructions and somehow managed to clear up spaces.

This cleared up my thoughts as well and I moved into a better space. My family noticed the difference and pitched in.

They got rid of things which I never could imagine they would let go of.

So yes, I am grateful for the Konmari method as it did help simplify my life. As I said earlier it was not enough though.

I found the Flylady method and started incorporating routines. I used her routines as an inspiration for my house.

How to Keep your House Clean Everyday

Cleaning house daily can give most people a shudder. I would love to clean daily but I am lazy. I used to do things in spurts. I would get into these frenzy cleaning spurts. Are your like that? Suddenly you decide, today I have to clean the mess.
Usually its because living in the house might be looking like a trash bin. Worse, someone might be coming over.

Usually when the house is messy, you are blessed with relatives who critize and find dust in the most unusual places.

So during the spurts of cleaning, I can spend hours and exhaust myself. By the end of the cleaning session, I just have enough energy to crawl into bed.

I have finally come up with a strategy to solve this issue once and for all. I now try to do some cleaning daily.

Yes it was tough at first and I was sure I wouldnt stick to it. I tried many times and failed till I formulated a plan which works for me.

Read on to see my plan and modify it to suit your routine and lifestyle.

How to Clean your house everyday? To keep a clean house you must have routines in place, be proactive, make cleaning a priority. Break up bigger tasks into smaller tasks and work on the tasks one at a time. To keep a house clean you must get rid of clutter first. Clutter attracts clutter and dirt, hence first and foremost get rid of clutter.


Clutter and excess stuff mean more surfaces to clean, more places to accumulate even more stuff. It is a nightmare, a cycle which is a trap.

One day after I had tried everything, I had set myself up with routines, I was consistently cleaning but yet I was drowned in surfaces to clean.
It just seemed so endless, mind-numbing work which did not make any sense.

It is when I was at this horrible low, I read an article on minimalism.
I remember feeling a weight lift off my shoulders. I was so relieved. If you haven’t heard about minimalism it the process of intentionally getting rid of excess stuff so that you live with the bare essentials which you truly love.

The lesser you have, the lesser you need to clean and care for. It is so calming to have a clear space and makes us more creative and relaxed
I cringe when I read organizing articles. instead of purchasing beautiful totes, shelves, cupboards to get organized, just go through your things and downsize. You might never need an organizer again.

The magic of letting go by Marie Kondo can help you let go of stuff. Once you have lesser stuff, you will be able to get cleaning done much faster than you ever thoughtpossible.

If you have heard about the Flylady system of cleaning, you will find in her book she encourages us to spend the first few months ( even years ) decluttering. She does not allow us to clean till we have cleared down all the clutter.

So if you have a lot of stuff (like I had) spend more time decluttering. I usedto force myself to do tht daily. I just thekept the visible areas of my house clean initially. Once I got my rooms decluttered, tht’s whe I actually started deep cleaning.

Clean Daily

Initially I would clean when I had the mood or when I had the time to clean ( which was like never). After having had nightmares of having people finding me living in a mess, I decided to take action.

I was introduced to the Flylady method of cleaning which I have incorporated into my house cleaning. I do not follow everything but I try to stick with what works for me.

If you clean daily it keeps the house looking clean and you might not have to deep clean further for some areas.

So My mantra is to clean daily as much as I can. I will be sharing my cleaning routine later on in this article.

Breakup big Tasks
This is something to do to overcome procrastination. I find myself not starting because I know how much work it involves. I started breaking up big tasks into small tasks and tackling them whenever I could. For example the kitchen floor would look dirty becuase I was waiting for the block of time to get a mop and bucket and wipe.

Now I just clean as I go or find something dirty. I prefer spot cleaning and it gives the illusion of a spotless house. I clean as spills happen or as soon asI find a dirty stain. The kids have also been asked to do the same which is a great help.

Another problem area is the bathroom. There is a lot of things to deep clean in the bathroom and ideally I must deep clean it once a month. I found myself not doing it, so I started wiping down tiles, counters, the sink as and when I had time.

This makes the bathroom look tidy and neat and I don’t have too much to do on the deep clean day.

Involve family

Cleaning is sustainable only if eveyone chips in whatever way they can. Sometimes there will be a family member who is reluctant to help. Some people hate cleaning and will not help no matter what. The way I tackled this is I have given them non-cleaning chores, such as putting stuff away, decluttering, handling the garbage. As it is technically not mopping or scrubbing, my family member is okay with such tasks.

Both my kids have to ensure that the living area ( hall, dining area) are always picked up, presentable and neat. All items on the floor have to be picked up and put away.

Kids clothes, bags, books cannot be left lying around in the living area.
The entire family does their bit every day helping with cleaning up after meals, cleaning the tables, putting stuff away after every use, folding laundry, putting dirty clothes in the hamper.

When we work together we spend less time cleaning and clearing things, making way for more family fun and games.

I had read somewhere that chores help kids become independednt and teach them numerous lifeskills.

Keep products handy

Having cleaning supplies on hand is essential for cleaning, especially if cleaning isnt your thing. Sometimes I would purchase a new mop or wipe and be all excited to use it.

When I have cleaning products on hand, I do not procrastinate much, and am always motivated to keep myself on track.

If the products are of good quality and the right kind, it makes cleaning faster and more effective.

I hated mopping the floor, at least i thought i did. One day I was thinking why do I hate it so much?

Actually I liked mopping, I just hated touching the wet mop and wringing it. I did not think it was hygenic and did not like getting my hands wet.
Since the day I have purchased this mop which comes wth a bucket, I have never skipped mopping.
I mop daily now, which means I do not have to deep clean the floors too much.

One Touch Rule

I learned about this rule from some YouTube video once and I liked it so much I started implementing it. Any item you bring into or use should be put back in its rightful place immediately.
The only touch that object has is in the place it should go. If I tore a piece of paper I would keep it near me thinking I can put in the dustbin when i have a chance.

I usually end up forgetting about it and the room gets messy. Also, I am a coffee lover and have a tendency to leave the mugs lying around.
I no longer do this, I have changed my habits. Once done the cup goes in the sink, the paper goes in the dustbin.

As soon as I get groceries they are sorted and put in their designated spots, in the fridge, pantry. This one technique has helped me immensely.

Cleaning Schedule

I never had any cleaning schedule. If I did it was all based on what I was feeling that day. If I felt like cleaning, I cleaned else it got pushed to later. The problem was later, there was so much to do. Just thinking of cleaning made it a nerve wracking experience which never ever got done.

I started implementing the Flylady cleaning system and I enededup with a cleaning routine for myself. It is totally based of Flylady’s method and I have adapted it for myself.

Having a cleaning schedule has brought in a sense of accountability, there is a rhythm which has been formed and now it has become a newhabit.

Cleaning Routines

I am going to shae with you my cleaning routines which I follow. These have helped me immensely and brought sanity. I was a total wreck before I started working with myr outines.
I have tried many routines and finally have adpated the Flylasdy system to suit me.
I do miss out on days, I am notable to stick to it every day. In spite of that my house looksalmost picture perfect and Iam so happy with the end result.

Daily Cleaning Routine

I have a daily cleaning routne which I have been following for years now. I dothe same tasks daily everyday. Even if I miss a day or two it does not matter as my daily cleaning keeps my house looking presentable.

When you clean daily it is surprising how quickly it gets completed. It almost feels like not cleaning at all.

Here is how my day progresses. I have made cleaning a habit so that i do not procrastinate and get back to the mess I was in before.

If you are a new mom, or are not well, you will find just having a few things daily is more than enough for mainting a clean house. I was having health issues which made cleaning and even walking painful. When I stuck to my daily cleaning, I could still maintain a clean house with no external help( except my kids and hubby).

Making Bed

As soon as I get up I make my bed. I rarely miss this. It just involves straightening the pillow and bedsheet and folding the comforter.
This one simple habit sets the mood for the entire day. A clean neat bed is less inviting for dirty clothes or books or other stuff whih tend to pile up.


Then I go and brush my teeth. This is when I clean up the washbasin so that it is clean for the next person. I wipe down the bathroom counter so that there are no stains and water droplets.

I try to comb my hair and also shower so I clean up the floor. Once the hair which I have shed is cleaned, I pour some water and clean the floor. Sometimes I do this later in the day, but i make sure I clean the bathroom daily after every bath.


I leave the bedroom with a load of laundry. These are added in the laundry basket which is near the washing machine.

I wash clothes everyday ( all 7 days if I can). I sometimes do two loads every day.

Laundry for me involves washing clothes drying them on the clothesline, folding dried clothes and putting them away.

I try and iron school clothes and outside clothes while I fold. The kids put the clothes away.


I always start a load of laundry in the washing machine and make myself a cup of coffee. While preparing coffee I soak the lentils required for preparing lunch boxes, prep veggies which are required to be cooked and start preparing breakfast after bible study and having the coffee.
Nowadays I have included writing blogs in my morning routine. This means I need to get up much earlier, as early as 4am so that I have time to prepare mentally for the day.

Breakfast preparation used to be a chore before but sinceI started implementing the OPOS techniques cooking gets done very quickly. as I prepare any meal Iclen up. Cleaning up while cooking makes it very easy.
As the meals get prepared,the kitchen also gets tidied. When I have a sapre moment in the kitchen ( waiting for the cooker tosteam) Ido random one minute tidy ups ( counters cleared, utensils sorted, spills cleaned).

If I had run the dishwasher the previous night I empty the dishwasher. I put away handwashed dishes which wereair drying through the night.

While waiting for things to cook, I have enough time to wipe down cupboards, clean the mocrowave and fridge.


The floors get mopped daily at my house. I always start with the kitchen and then the living area. I also mop the living area and dining area.

The bedrooms are cleaned either once a week or on alternate days. Usually I just clean whenevr I feel the floors are looking dull or untidy. The common areas are cleaned daily as this dust will get carried into the rooms and beds.

Weekly Cleaning Routine

The daily tasks help keep the house looking presentable. I have some tasks which I do only once a week. My kids help me with these, so I get these done on Saturday ( when there is no school).


Bedsheets are removed and new bedsheets are put on the bed. Each kid is incharge of their bed and pillows.

Once they put a new bedsheet and pillow covers they put the soiled ones in the laundry. If the washing machine is empty they wash the bedsheets.

If I am tied up with work, they make my bed as well.

Cobwebs and Fan

I go around the house cleaning the cobwebs and the fans. I sometimes forget to do this and clean the fans whenever I fell they are looking dirty.

I also clean the walls of one room. I use the flat mop to wash the walls. I just use plain water or a mixture of water and white vinegar.

The air freshens if you wash the walls. This is also the time I wipe the switches in the house.

Dust, Sweep & Mop

I try and dust all visible surfaces. Usually all the cobwebs fall everywhere so I find dusting helps to get all that dirt.

I use a damp cloth to dust, this is better at getting all the fine dust and dirt. It is also effective in getting rid of fingerprints.

I do not use any chemicals while wet dusting. Occasionally I might use some white vinegar with water to get to any tough stains.

Lastly I sweep and mop common areas which includes the entryway, the hall and the dining area.

Garbage and Paper

The kids empty all trash bins and put new bags in the dustbins. They segrargate the waste and place it outside before waste collection.

I wash the dustbins if they are looking very dirty. Sometimes I wash the dustbins within the week so on those days I skip this step.

Once a week I try to go through any circulars from school any paper lying around. This is sorted and handled.

Paper is handled on a daily basis, it gets sorted as it enters the house. Hence I do not have much to go through on the weekends.


I am not a person who will stick to any monthly tasks. So most of the once a month task I handle on a daily basis. I break up deep cleaning activities into smaller cleaning tasks and handle them daily.

Ideally all deep cleaning should happen once a month. Since I am sure I will not remember nor bother, I perform these tasks almost daily.

Not the entire cleaning, but deep cleaning tasks which take short amounts of time. One day I might clean the microwave, someday the fridge.

Best Flat Mop for Floor Cleaning Naivete Flat Mop Review

Best Flat Mop for Floor Cleaning Naivete Flat Mop Review

Traditionally in our house, we use the pocha to clean the floors. This is a floor cleaning cloth which is a bit thick. It is very good for cleaning floors with because if you get the ones which are having a rough texture, they actually scour the stuck on dirt and grime.

We have used this for 20 plus years. Initially, floors were cleaned with the hand. You know, get down on all fours and clean. Nowadays we use a flat rod and place the pocha on the rod and use it to clean the floors.

I was looking for an option which made it easier to clean the floors without touching the pocha, wringing it out and lugging a bucket around. That’s when I made the transition into flat mops.

Flat mop for Floor Cleaning

While looking for hands-free ways to clean the floors I came across the scotch brite floor cleaner. This mop is very lightweight and comes with a micro fibre pad. I was in love with this mop and still am. I use it to clean the floors, walls and the cupboards which are higher up. It does its job so well, it pulls off all dirt and is super soft so does not scratch any surface.

When I had first invested in the Scotch Brite flat mop, I had to spend a lot of time justifying the purchase. It is more expensive than a cleaning pocha and I can use that money in the house for other things. You will not believe how many months I waited before buying that mop. After all, it was just a glorified pocha …

It was there in my wishlist on Amazon for months. One day my flat rod on which I place the pocha and clean the floors, just broke. The joints rusted and it fell apart in two.

I just decided let’s purchase the scotch brite and let’s see if it works. It did, and I was so thrilled, I bought one for my mom and started recommending it to everyone I knew. Some thought me crazy but most purchased it.

Move on to a few years later and I am thrilled with my next new shiny mop. This is the Naivete Plastic Steel 2 in 1 Self Clean Hands-Free Mop.

Why did I want to upgrade from the Scotch Brite Floor Mop?

There were two reasons for the upgrade.

  1. I had taken the scotch brite mop to my holiday home when I needed something for quick cleaning.
  2. I needed a flat mop but I did not want to touch the microfibre pad each time for rinsing it.

The scotch brite did not come with a bucket and I used to take it to the bathroom after each section mopped. Then I had to remove the microfibre and wash it, wring it and place it back on the handle.

This was not tooo much work, but I wanted an option which was

  • hands-free
  • came with a bucket
  • was easy to use
  • came with something to wring off the dirty water

Mop Floor Cleaner with Bucket

This new obsession of mine is a flat mop. It comes with a bucket and the best part is .. it is a self-cleaning mop… yayyy. I am finally at that happy level with a mop. Cleaning the floors has been taken to the next level at my house.

Advantages of Flat Mops

Flat mops reach all corners of the floors. It is easy to navigate behind doors, under the bed and cupboard. They are easy to use and cover a lot of space. This was true for both my flat mops.

Naivete Plastic Steel 2 in 1 Self Clean Wash Dry Hands-Free Magic Flat Spin Mop

I just purchased this mop and it was delivered on 22nd November. I wanted to test the mop a bit before jumping into the review.

The kit includes

  • a flat mop
  • a cleaning bucket
  • 2 microfiber pads
  • instruction booklet
  • 2 knobs for the drain holes

The bucket has two compartments so that dirty water and clean water do not mix. The bucket has two small holes at the bottom, one per container.

How to assemble

The rod came in 4 parts and they simply had to be screwed together. There is not much of assembly required apart from screwing the handle together. The stoppers for the holes at the bottom of the container came in a small plastic packet. You can watch me unbox, and assemble in the video.
I did not take a look at the instructions, I just figured it out myself.

Product claims

When I was deciding on whether to purchase the mop I took a look at the description which actually isn’t much. They could have provided a better description because the description they provided isn’t doing justice to the product.

They mentioned

  • the mop can be used on any flat floors which are smooth and hard. So the mop can be used on hardwood floors, marble floors and tiles. I am using it on vitrified tiles.
  • It has a self-clean bucket for hands-free washing and drying
  • Removable microfibre pads which are easy to clean, trap all kinds of dirt and dust.
  • Mop will deep clean the floors with minimal effort.
  • Can be used daily and the plastic is of professional grade quality.
  • Mop has rectangular shape makes cleaning corners and baseboards easy

This is what I found after having used it for more than 2 weeks.

The mop rod is very light. I did not expect this at all. After assembling it, I was so eager to test it out. I almost felt like a kid with a new candy. I had to try it. I filled the bucket with water and when I dipped it in the water and lifted it I was surprised at how light it was. I am not exaggerating when I say it was too shocking… my immediate thoughts were…  uh, oh…is this going to last… it’s too light .

Don’t think that light in weight means the product is flimsy. I truly and honestly have no clue how they managed to design something so lightweight for a heavyweight job.

The tub comes with 2 containers. They said one is for clean water, and one for drying the mop. I had to squint to read the words wash on one container. The wash container is where the clean water goes. You need to leave the second container empty. It is just for drying the mopping pad. There were two plastic knobs which cover the two drains at the bottom of the bucket.
In my eagerness to test it out, I did not plug the holes properly. Well, we had a puddle of water, but I then I got to use my brand new mop to clean that puddle with ease.

The pad is a sticky type. You need to stick it onto the flat mop. My first reaction…  are you kidding me?  How can a stuck on mop clean? When I saw this feature I literally was so disheartened. I was not sure how a thin stuck on the pad can even do the job. Wouldn’t it just drop off when I start cleaning?

I started cleaning and it stayed stuck on.

So you know the doubting me said… let me check for a week and then surely its gonna fall off.
its been almost 3 weeks now … it hasn’t fallen off, it has survived my crazy cleaning.

They said it would clean all the dirt and grime and fur and hair. I rolled my eyes at this. I was not expecting a miracle. I was happy if it just did an okay job.

I am shocked at how clean the house is with this mop. I am not one to be easily impressed. I can always find a spot missed or fur or hair. Trust me, this mops lifts and pulls everything off.

flat mop buckets for floors



The initial review was made in December 2018. Today is February 11’2019/

Sad to say that I noticed some rusting in the screws which are in the flat mop head. So I will be discarding the mop very soon.

I am so disappointed because the mop was really good had it lasted a bit more.

I am going back to the mop I always like to use. I like my old mop, it has been with me 2 years now and is still going strong.

Best Laundry Detergent for Baby Clothes India

Most top brands have chemicals in their laundry detergent and liquid. These are extremely harmful to babies. Think about this. Clothes are always worn, hence they have constant contact with the skin. This, in turn, increases the exposure to chemicals which can be very harmful over the long run.

SLS, paraben, SLEs, Sulphates present in detergents have been acknowledged as areas of concern. This is not medical advice as I am not a doctor. As a concerned mom, I have researched a lot. I have myself suffered from allergies and rash on the skin. To be honest, I had no clue it was because of the chemicals I was exposed to day in and day out at home.

I started switching out the detergent, then the toilet cleaner liquid, then the floor cleaner and it has made a world of difference. Not only have I started finding relief on my rashes, but the air is much fresher. My son’s skin has balanced out and is no dry and itchy. My Persian cat no longer has that nasty rash over the skin. We tried so hard to get rid of that rash, many vet visits, creams, ointments, shampoo. Nothing worked until I made the switch.

Is laundry detergent safe for babies

No. This is my opinion only, and I cannot provide any scientific proof. My proof is from what I have struggled with as a parent and through trial and error. I always get emotional when I see babies suffering. I had to get the word out, even if it meant I get some hate comments. I personally feel that known brands of detergent which ridiculous claims are harmful. Some brands claim that they kill 99% germs, and glorify dirt ( saying our detergent can handle all the dirt).

I fell for these advertisements. I wanted these detergents which killed germs, made clothes super soft and smelled heavenly. But that was in the advertisement. In real life the clothes looked dead and dull, our skins started feeling itchy and sensitive.

This is why I shudder when I see the advertisments and worry to think how many parents are falling for them.

Can laundry detergent cause baby acne

Baby acne can be caused by many reasons. It could be food and other environmental factors. Harsh chemicals, fragrance present in laundry detergents can irritate gentle baby skin. They can aggravate acne and hence need to be replaced with a gentler non hypoallergenic detergent. In my opinion I would consider switching out to a gentler detergent.

Laundry detergent for Baby eczema

I had clean clear skin as a child. Growing up I started developing eczema. I did everything to control it but it persisted. Then I moved to the USA to pursue higher education. Literally, overnight every symptom disappeared. It was like a miracle and I never dared question why. I was happy that I had finally found relief. As a broke student you just prolonged washing clothes and things were going well. I started work and then got this obsession for detergents. That’s when things turned bad. Excema hit back again. We moved back to India and it worsened. My kids also started complaining of itchy dry skin.

This is when mom went into research mode.

I was definitely missing out something. The reason my eczema easened out in the USA as that there was no dust pollution. The reason the symptoms started back again aggressively were exposure to dust again and the switch to strong detergents.

When you notice the following signs be cautioned that something is wrong.

# Irritated skin

you notice a red rash on the skin, immediately after a piece of clothing is worn. Usually this happens when you put woolen clothing on babies. This can be easily addressed by removing the clothing.

# Allergic Contact Dermatitis

A red rash can show up on your babies skin. Usually, this rash will appear over time and it will persist. It means that something is irritating the gentle skin and usually this is due to prolonged exposure.

This could be due to exposure to laundry detergent and fabric softeners. Switch them out and check for a week or two if you notice any difference.

Between 2 kids and 2 cats, I have figured out many things over the years. I also suffer from sensitive eczema skin which can be really painful at times. This is how I tried to handle the situation at home.

# No chemical detergent

I use fragrance-free detergent. I also ensure that my detergent has no dye. This was very difficult for me initially. I have this obsession with clean smells. My brain is hardwired to think a fresh smell means clean. Little did I know that clean smell was causing the allergies on my babies skin and mine.
Even pet clothing ( the towels) I have stopped washing in the regular detergents. As I write this I have a packet of detergent lying around my house.

My husband is pleasantly shocked to find that I no longer go crazy over the laundry isles in shops.

Yes, I was addicted to the next clean and best detergent. When clothes did not look clean I assumed it was because I was not using enough detergent. I shudder to imagine how wrong I have been.

Learn from my mistakes as these have really caused our family harm.

#1. Use chemical free detergents

Read the labels, ensure that there no chemicals, no artificial dyes and no artificial fragrance

#2 Don’t wear clothes you purchase immediately

This was the rule at my house. All new clothes purchased were soaked in salt water ( preferably rock salt) for 15 mins.
Then washed in a separate wash either by hand or in the washing machine. The salt made the colours strong and removed anything harmful. The wash ensured that formaldehyde releasers present in new clothes are removed.

#3 Rinse out detergent well

Detergent residue left on clothing causes skin irritation. Some say it can penetrate the skin, especially soft baby skin. So rinse the clothes well.

#4 Dry in the Sun

Expose clothes to direct sunlight, this will kill all bacteria, and sanitise the clothes.

#5 Clothes looking Shabby or Dull

If your clothes even after washing with the best detergents are looking shabby and dull, then it means you are doing something wrong. I used to suffer from this a lot. Initially, I assumed it was because I was using less detergent so I started adding more powder. It worsened. I then read somewhere that the detergent leaves a scum or residue on clothing which is why they are looking dull. So I did the unthinkable I stopped using those detergents and switched.


Are all irritation caused by detergent?

Food, plants, insect bites, medicines can cause allergies in the skin. If the symptoms don’t go away with the removal of detergent it is most likely it might not be the detergent which is causing issues.

Organic Laundry Detergent for Baby

The following brands are in the market with organic detergents and you should try them. A few pointers

# Research the ingredients

Just because they are organic might not mean they are safe. Sometimes just one ingredient like a surfactant might be present which can cause loads of damage. So look at the ingredients and study them.

# Test the Detergent

I purchase sample packs if available. I test it for a few days and then only switch over. Even though it is organic and herbal, we still can react. Some herbs I react to, I noticed I also react to resins. So please test it out first.

My picks

# Krya

I have tested Krya detergent and it works well. I have not noticed any allergies or side-effects. I tried their 100 gms pack. t lasted I think about a month or maybe a little less than a month. It is easy to use and you need a very little quantity. I did not like that the product hardens with moisture in the air. I live near the sea, there is humidity in the atmosphere. If you purchase it, keep it in an airtight container.

Other brands in the market which I need to review yet.

# Dailydump

# Rustic art

# Bubblenut wash

# Azafran home care

So what aer your favourite brands you use and concerns? Please share below.

Krya Sookshma Natural Floor Cleaner / Organic Herbal Floor Cleaning Products

Krya Sookshma Natural Floor Cleaner is an Organic cleaning powder made from herbs. There are 23 Ayurvedic Rakshoghna (antibacterial) and Krimighna (insect repelling) herbs. It also has plant resins such as Shirisha, Khadira.


Sapindus Mukorossi, Sapindus Trifoliatus, Acacia Concinna, Hingot, Neem Leaf, Kalmegh Leaf, Lemon, Orange Peel, Occimum Sanctum, Triphala, Deodhar Bark, Babool Bark, Clearing Nut, Gum Benzoin, Gum Batu, Gum Damar, Acorus Calamus, Vitex Negundo, Eucalyptus Leaf, Citriodora Leaf, Edible Camphor, Lemongrass Leaf & Salt.

How to use

1. Take 1 teaspoon of the powder

2. Add it in the cotton pouch provided

3. Soak this in your mopping bucket for 10 minutes

4. Squeeze out all the brown coloured liquid and use it clean the floors

The powder can be used for compost.

Who can use this?

Since there are only herbs being used you can safely use it in houses where there are babies. If you are suffering from skin rashes, allergies like asthma and wheezing, you will find relief with this.

Pack Size: 200 gm pack.

My thoughts

Krya Sookshma Natural Floor Cleaner

I have used it a couple of times so far. I love the smell. It is actually fragrance-free but I guess the fragrance is from the herbs. It could also be the smell of the resins, it just feels like you are in the forest.

You can watch me use it in the video.


I have a cat and I cannot use it as often as I want in my house. It contains Edible camphor which is unsafe for pets. Karpoor or camphor is said to repel insects so it is perfect for wiping floors.

The ingredients are compostable and biodegradable. If you are into green cleaning and helping the environment you should test this product out. They have included a bio-surfactant and citrus which is essential if you want the dirt to be pulled off the floors. What I noticed is that the stains come off easy and you generally get that clean feel.

They claim this product can be used on all floors. Mine is having vitrified tiles and I have not experienced any floor damage.

You check it out on Amazon .

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